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Chris Bosh says:

Nice profile pic, DUDDDDDE!

thorhondarider747 says:

all black guys of course… basketball

sbeamer9 says:

If it was the celtics it would be way more funny i hate the heat celtics all the way

bobng89 says:

6.9 million views in less than 3 days!

JoshuaDPrime002 says:

Lebron just earned 50 man points

Chris Bosh says:

Some people are just unchangeable.

Sahil Singh says:


jmoorshead1 says:

He’s the Horse astronaut

vampireslayerpb says:


victortheguru says:

who notice d wade was kanye west lol, because he actually look like him

Chris Bosh says:

I’m not the best 4. I think that that title goes to Timmy. However, I AM concocting a plan, after which Mr. “Wayne” will mysteriously disappear.

zach33510 says:


chubbis2 says:

Gotta love Shane Battier in the horse-stronaut costume.

gotostereo says:

Harlem Shake

ksherman51 says:

pretyyyyy sure he meant the harlem shake

Ivan Marichal says:

Lets go heat

alyssaburke27 says:


zach33510 says:


79lazer says:

Because of this video James Harden will drop 80 in the finals. 🙂

princeofdarknessxyz1 says:

lakers should do a harlem shake

Donnie Buenaventura says:

That’s the definition of a Kobe Die Hard Dick Sucking FAn.

Your watching Miami Heat and your Looking for Kobe? Did he rape you in the ass with no lubricant? Fuck man your Fucked up!

skinnyb2001 says:

Bosh fears West and Hibbert…GO PACERS!

Jeff Wineberg says:

Bosh, you’re the best 4 in the game today. That being said, will you please kill Lil Wayne and spare us the sheer horror that is his shit called music?g My ears have bled enough….

Chris Bosh says:

AND the most awesome one! 🙂

Alba Batista says:

Ok this was freaking hilarious stop hating lmfao

jhaian compuesto says:

hahahahahaaaahahaha  OMG NICE/??? <3

Chris Bosh says:


Matthew Gorospe says:

Bosh hella looks like Dave Chappelle in this vid

D33P3 says:

How did Rey Mysterio get there?? lol

rpoley says:

yes, thats Shane Battier in the horsetronaut costume

Watuknoaboutit says:

Omg thank I everyone who put n work to clown or have fun doing the worlds dumbest dance and giving the world (except Harlem) a good laugh. I always hated that dance.

Deven Rieck says:

yo is one of the players wearing a jdog mask from hollywood undead???

jason brazier says:

This is one of the better harlem shake vids i’ve seen.

Chris Bosh says:

Is it that time of the month, again?

elizamusa2 says:

Most long harlem shake TOT

SouthlandStrength says:

Where are Riley and Spoelstra?!? How epic would the video have been had Riley been the one dancing in the beginning and Spoelstra just standing in the background looking annoyed with his hands on his hips like when he’s coaching?

StrongRhyno1980 says:


Adrienne Diamond says:


Chris Brown says:

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Reggie11andBruce22 says:

Check out my KFC Harlem Shake lol.

Chris Bosh says:


Lauren Dennert says:

Check out my channel!! It’d really mean a lot 🙂

angelpaz63 says:

Fuck the Heat ____ Mavs bby

skinnyb2001 says:

Go Pacers, suck it Bosh!

Chris Bosh says:

We’re going to get more views than “Gangnam Style” in a smaller amount of time!!! 🙂

nazabek says:

Yes sombrero mexicano !!!

piddledude says:

Where’s Kobe? Oh wait that’s lebron the fail!!!

sonikku956 says:

Don’t give away that website! 

metong celestino says:

6m for just 2 days O.o

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