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Street interviews with members of the Harlem community, and their views about the popular ‘Harlem Shake’ video trend. Filmmaker’s Response Video: Videos shown to participants included versions from DizastaMusic, TheSunnyCoastSkate, & PHLOn NAN ‘Like’ Us ‘Follow’ For the Record, only 2 people interviewed did not make the final cut. One because the microphone was off. And the other because they only spoke for 30 secs. No one was omitted because they did not fit the ‘mold’. This is what the people who stopped to talk with us had to say. We did not ‘target’ anyone. All pedestrians walking by were welcome to stop and talk. These are the people who stopped to talk with us. Please Keep the Comments Civil and Respectful. Anyone using pejorative racial language will be blocked and reported. Debate is good. Personal and bigoted attacks are bad. Even if you disagree on the subject, we are all people. We are in it together. Don’t ever forget that fact. Treat each other with respect! If you appeared in this video and would like your name included or a website promoted, please email me from the card I gave you. Thanks! Shot & Edited By Chris McGuire Sound by John Farmakis Song ‘Headspin Long’ Licensed by Apple Garage Band


vonprango says:

their priorites are laughable.

JustBitten96 says:

I love how people are so bold over the internet, saying all of these racial slurs. ITS A DANCE PEOPLE. Its not that serious. Its 2013 not 1863 racism should not still be goin on.

vonprango says:

i already said what i meant to say. the majority of african americans make me shake my head in disbelief with their actions

Richard Gauthier says:

ok, then what were you trying to say?

Allen Simpson says:

I think the new meme’d version of the Harlem Shake is better and has overwritten any original, since I had never heard of the original to begin with, but the directions in which people have taken the meme or hilarious. Whomever made the original should just be lucky the material got chosen to use at the background for the joke version, because it spiked sales.

vonprango says:

3:38. Thanks for clearing that up for everyone!

mickienaz13 says:


vonprango says:

no, not all.

iSabugasSec says:

they talk about a dance like it was a paintting or music… lolz at the niggas.

AllHailZeppelin says:

(all at once) Stop dat shit!

vonprango says:

lol how can anyone respect this culture? And the words integrity and Harlem don’t belong in the same sentence. Some people stay connected to their roots? I’ll keep ’em connected and make ’em bake me a cake and whip me up some jumbalaya bitch.

Richard Gauthier says:

please correct me if im wrong but are you saying that all black people are lowlifes?

steffon weston says:

first allu nigerssss that have a problem with the harlem video calm down its just for god dammm fun its not the end of the world so y dont u people in harlem calm down besides u guise r dirty anyway i bet if people that came to harlem back when it was hard for a black person to persue there dreams they would be a shamed of todays harlem

TheEamon9 says:

theys just pissed cause whitey dance better with style

mallbaby1 says:

dang these people need to calm down. i just had to comment again

mallbaby1 says:

psh i like the HARLEM SHAKE

TheEamon9 says:

oh pain oh pain

1ilyvolleyball says:

haha I thought you said “Don’t be a nigger” I was so close to cursing you out. LOL

Devin Forde says:

lol you stupid cunt it has nothing to do with race, its about a respect of culture, its disrespecting the cultural integrity of Harlem. you ever heard of the Harlem renaissance? you know the same thing that was the foundation of half the dumb shit you listen to and call music today? It’s maybe surreal to you but some people actually stay connected to their roots. I personally dont mind this Harlem shake joke but i understand how they feel. you was born out of an ass, atleast dont act like one.

UltimateDarknezz999 says:

These people take this way to seriously. It’s just a joke. Get over it.

Mik Ayla says:

Harlem shake is a lifestyle…I don’t wanna live in this world anymore

gameill says:

The funny videos are based on Harlem, Montana. Not “Hahlum” in the ghetto. Hehe. Stupid fucks! These! Days! “Im mad cuz deez people have no spect fo da Hahlum shake” Notice the song states “Now do the Harlem Shake” not “Now do the Hahlum Shake”!!

torofighter says:

Nobody should be taking harlem shake videos seriously. I’m pretty sure they are supposed to be corny.

gameill says:

The funny videos are based on Harlem, Montana. Not “Hahlum” in the ghetto. Hehe. Stupid fucks! These! Days! “Im mad cuz deez people have no spect fo da Hahlum shake” Notice the song states “Now do the Harlem Shake” not “Now do the Hahlum Shake”!!

gameill says:

The funny videos are based on Harlem, Montana. Not “Hahlum” in the ghetto. Hehe. Stupid fucks! These! Days! “Im mad cuz deez people have no spect fo da Hahlum shake” Notice the song states “Now do the Harlem Shake” not “Now do the Hahlum Shake”!!

silvervega says:

That’s Harlem Shake bitches that’s what YouTube says xD

vonprango says:

seriously black people? wow. just when I think your race can’t stoop any lower and say dumber things. these people in the interviews are sooo proud to be from such a hellhole. and the dance moves they were demonstrating is the whole reason everyone is mocking that crap. requires no talent, so why wouldnt everyone make it a joke?

CC25Y says:

I’m from the Bronx and Southwest Yonkers aka Y.O. and even I know these reactions are genuine. Shit I had the same reaction. All them ppl making those bogus ass vids, need to rename that shit to “The I don’t know what I’m doin so I am just lookin like a fool for a few seconds and mock an actual style shake” long title I know but dummies get long rediculous titles.

mrXmanIZE says:

blacks have aids..stay away from them

HDMusicOfficial2 says:

for now…

TheHighSchoolBaller says:

Suck My Cock you Cracker son of a hoe

BReyes1995 says:

The Harlem shake dance looks like you’re trying to escape from straight jacket.

Tbreezy T says:


KendallandKylie1 says:

omg everyone stfu and get on with your real lifes and stop commenting, like get yo life

1Kovik says:

You think for something to be analogous that it needs to be directly comparable???


Jason Philosofly says:

you think dance and rape are interchangeable analogies???

napturaldiva904 says:

The real harlem shake isnt even original its from ethiopia its called the eskita google it 😉

Trill CarrbeanKid says:

what does poor have anything to do with this?

yourmomisbutt says:

These crackers don’t know my pain!

LemonMerigueTie says:

harlem shake videos are meant to be jokes. no one ever claimed that they were doing the “real” harlem shake. the videos are only called “harlem shake” because of the song. all you people getting butthurt over a bunch of people just screwing around need to settle down and get a sense of humor. and if you dont find it funny, just move on, it doesnt matter.

YouReallyMadHuh says:

Harlem is not impressed. I agree, the harlem shake that just came out is wack as hell. But I am glad that gangnam style is gone, especially after he disrespected american troops.

M4New says:

I wanna live dont kill me

Detroit4Eva says:

The “Real” shake doesn’t look much better! LOL

hakeem01 says:

Good point! The Harlem shake would turn into a Harlem beating.

hakeem01 says:

Dude you have a good point…I honestly prefer this new alternate dimension Harlem Shake over Gangnam Style. Whoever is coming out with these stupid dances needs to be brought to justice!

NdCRants says:

Harlem is not amused.

Detroit4Eva says:

3:20 “If Your Not From Harlem, don’t do anything that’s associated with it” Is that a DETROIT TIGERS cap you are wearing????

36korn says:

Nah, I don’t do that type of stuff. Weird suggestion, though.

alexis b says:

They need to chill out the videos are made for fun it doesnt have anything to do with harlem and for people talking about black people in the comments yall need to chill out to because the color really doesnt matter and yes im black

hakeem01 says:

Why you gotta go there? Go from dancing to racially derogatory comment….Really you should delete your own comment.

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