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LauraSincerely says:

That woman in the pink leggings is seriously going for it!

Whispering Mist says:

That music will keep you moving! I love it!

lisa sands says:

this is now apart of my exercise regimine

iracemita1 says:

Absolutely awesome!!!! Sooo much fun! Thank you for sharing!!!!! Come to New Your Pleaseee!!!

Eqraa Dubad says:

i love it this fitness. its helpful and it make love it the dance.

S Jones says:

Tic Tic Tac by Carrapicho

DominikKrzysztofik says:

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cijay lee says:

I just love this omg! just lovely.

Paola Victoriano says:

Funk do Pica Pau

Leslie Stallone says:

Great but to much people in there :-/

Sgwtmsbzumba says:

What’s the song at 15: 23???? Help!

maribellamonte says:

Me encanta!!

Gisselle Ubiera says:


arigato1989 says:

i would, looks like fun and get to meet great ppl i hope

cassidync129 says:

Tic Tic Tac by Carrapicho. Thank goodness for Soundhound.

Reimam2011 says:

Muito bom !!!! Ótima aula…

Liz Preciado says:


cassidync129 says:

Also looking for the name of the song at 9:48 (the one that goes chiki chiki chiki)?

cassidync129 says:

Funk Do Pica Pau. I forget the artist. Brazilian funk.

James Carr says:

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theoneandonly935 says:

thanks! Anypne know the name of the song at 9:48?

Margarete Pulido says:

marvellous! hey, tourists, join these classes when you come! fun!

Tatoowww says:

From 6:50 on are brazilian music. Nobody said it is salsa and reagetown

Beep12Beep says:

It’s in Brazil…tourists don’t usually join exercise classes. Awkward moment eh?

sparklewish80 says:

this is such a great workout!! i am going to thry this. thanks for posting this.

Mr5Media1010 says:

It would be a shame if you did not lose weight when these people do it so easily with Mimmu Fat Blast (Look it up on google).

marcelopaulistano says:

15:22 woodpecker funk


Sabrina Salvatore says:

Can someone please name me the songs? especially the one at 15.22 i LOVE IT!

kelmi16 says:

lo que paso paso by daddy yankee

kelmi16 says:

@theoneandonly935 suavemente by Elvis crespo:)

Pia Rujira says:

what’s the name of the song at min 4.20 pls..

Araceli Marin says:

best work out 🙂

Maria cruz says:

salsa and reggaetin not Brazilian music ¬¬

megan anna says:

the women in pink loves it

cindy loor vivas says:


Victor Alves says:

Those are “tic tic tac” and “tinga laga tinga”.

theoneandonly935 says:

Does anyone know the name of the last song? I would appreciate it if someone could tell me.:)

Crystal Smith says:

Very exciting! awesome!

Mari acosta says:

Mi nombre es Mari y e gustaria saber los nombre de dos canciones que tenes en tu chordeography una comienza en 8:46min.y la otra en 10:35min.
Porque me encanto mucho todo lo que haces Eres muy divertido y me gustaria usarlo si no te molesta.Gracias

Mulheafogo says:

Oi Helio e um prazer ver a Voce dancar

Artistix119 says:


matheus silva says:

la musica que comiensa en el 15:22 se llama * funk do pica pau *

matheus silva says:

la musica que comiens en el minuto 15:25 se llama * funk do pica pau* .

matheus silva says:

esta canción se llama * funk do pica pau * hasta!

matheus silva says:

the name of this song is 15:22 * funk do pica pau*

matheus silva says:

esta canción se llama * funk do pica pau *

Gil Bh says:

El nombre de la cancion es “Tic tic tac”, del grupo “Carrapicho”

ge dias says:

grupo carrapicho tic tic tac!!

razersharp135 says:

way too many people in there

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