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Chyba najlepsza scena z Death Proof (Quentin Tarantino): Vanessa Ferlito – Lap Dance for Kurt Rusell in High Definition Quality 🙂


QuasiTraction says:

Vanessa Ferlito…*sigh*…….

jantonio991 says:


Oscar González Wilde says:

Lean Woman Blues by T-Rex

MrRick1303 says:

that stare in her eyes i think is one of her best features next to her azz

Cristian Muñoz says:

Fap, fap, fap.

voorheesbr00tal says:

ugly fuck

CyberBlack Wolf says:

why this end :((
i want more !!

ameliepoe says:

Those Venezulan twins sure know how to move it!

vikiuniv says:

so Kurt Russe was having fun in this Scene!!

greg ferguson says:

lol i came here because of the comment on her video thank you iggy


I CUM -_-

lowsten says:

Mmmm Vanessa Ferlito.

آنا كذا says:

في حدا عربي هون لااايك

Nicole Milich says:

My thoughts exactly

TheMrKorz1 says:

Iggy Azalea – Work 

MAurerGamer says:


sikuaka2 says:

you sir are gay 

Kaju Lewicki says:

because this story was so made up, even integrals make much more sense

Quietz Z. says:

What?? This woman can excite every human being!!

Quietz Z. says:

I’m woman, heterossexual and Butterfly turns me so fucking on!

decimequesoytuputita says:

Maaaaan…. I wish I look as sexy as her on that lap dance!!

Hazzag43 says:

why you gotta be a negative nancy

MrElectrodelic says:

i wanna be those shorts!

wiwi vava says:

Many people, such as myself, find her quite hot. You don’t have to agree with us, but we don’t have to agree with you either.

hannah marie says:

dat ass

aeragonia811 says:

This chick looks like octo-mom… Tarantino must have seen the irony/humor in casting such a hideous human being as the “sex symbol”

Jorge Eduardo y su sonido de paja says:

It’s a preety cool playlist I just would add after dark by Tito & Tarantula and She’s got the jack by AC/DC and that’s it you have a very complete playlist for lap dance.

MrAcephalus says:

dat ass

jcruz0789 says:

i love this movie!!!!!!!!!!

annlise90 says:

the girl looks like michael jackson !^^

Deivison Moreira says:

Cena épica !!!

ryanlester1980 says:

someone needs to teach those two bitches who standing drinking beer how to dance…smh

Alaa Ouadil says:

i love you man, i was looking for list for almost an hour, and all i could find is shitty r’n’b music. THANK YOU

Tinky Winky says:

most epic movie scene ever

xilo301 says:

the best thing tarantino did in his life.

Niccolatorres says:

I made this playlist for lap dance to my girlfriend. I really recommend! 1st song sure is from Death Proof! You can suggest one if you want to… enjoy!

The Coasters – Down in Mexico
Link Wray – Rumble
Steppenwolf – The Pusher
Nina Simone – Feeling Good
Ancient Astroauts – Surfing the Silvatide
Lenny Kravitz – I Belong to You
Prince and the New Power Generation – Cream

95batmanlover says:

are you sure this wasn’t a dream?

MsGavbo says:

LOL sorry

tukidid93 says:

r u gay?

sickofseventies says:

i tried this madness with my company directrice when she was drunk.

now i ‘m unemployed.

sarah williamson says:

no. I don’t have one

Diamonds169 says:

Sent me a naked picture.

Siniša FrighteningShizl says:

Call me when you learn it ;))

sarah williamson says:

I like to think of myself as average

Diamonds169 says:

are you proper hot or ugly?

sarah williamson says:

no. I just jumped to conclusions

Diamonds169 says:

do you think about sex 24/7 ?

sarah williamson says:

sexual things

darioboek says:

Yes, she is a little bit fat. It is not bad, it is realistic. The black girl is in her weight

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