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The worlds most intelligent dog ever Dancing (much better than any other video seen on youtube) gv me you comments plz


Lalaine Bautista says:

woooow….. the best, great, very smart dog. *_*

clayharris6 says:

how do you teach a dog to do that

lifePlusJoey says:

cuz thats life lol..the talented ones are always less famous =

melgovico says:

What a miraculous dog.. entertaining and amazing!

zane yuzyk says:

cutest shit ever thats awesome

rodrigocald says:

this is an honest and logical explanation to this… its all computer generated graphics!!!

murphala says:

And I thought it was awesome my golden could climb the pool ladder and sit on the steps and play ball with herself (she’d wait until the ball traveled around the pool and then swam across to fetch it). This is wonderful…! And it’s so obvious she is having a blast and loves to do it! Great dance partners!

Susan Martin says:

simply amazing…why aren’t these two more famous?

texaus18 says:

Well done, dog dances better than some humans and surly making some jealous.
Such a joy to watch. Love the dress.

Kyara Washington says:

who cares a dog is doing it….

babaluski308 says:

You go girl. That was amazing. What a beautiful girl. Love that.

Beatmart1365 says:

Lots of blessings to the both of them.

TheSenshi17 says:

that dude deserves a prize for this it takes a LOT of time and patience to train a dog to do that

jaenaffer leuterio says:

very cute

Fran Thomsen says:

fran t  that was really amazing,she is a better dancer

Amber Shephard says:

Tis good but i hope you look after that dogs bones esp after being on its hind legs for so long,

Matt Ion says:

Pretty good, but Carolyn Scott & Rookie are still better.

Mike D says:

Just wow – definitely part of YouTube’s best videos of all time !

littlebird1552 says:

sure the worlds most intelligant dog

Aline da Rosa Alves says:

This is amazing!!! Amazing dog!

Bill Mallin says:

I wonder how long it would take me to teach Karno this…

757330 says:

The dog has more rhythm than my uncoordinated ass.

88whiskeyfoxtrot says:

It’s a midget in a dog costume!

Andrew Youssef says:

This is miraculous

BPN40Cal says:


DogtorCaesar says:

That is a fantastic video!! Great work to both the dog and the owner/trainer!!

Lisa Shearer says:

Someone needs to get this Video & then the Dog & Owner & Dance Partner to the ” Today ” show….
They are Great Dancers… Love it, can’t get enough of watching it.

Kathryn Saludo says:

Haha !

kleash says:

The way the dog wags its tail…it must be nervous as fuck.

DJSouthanBred says:

This dog is in the Illuminati.

BRBgottaskate says:

What in the actual fuck…?

meowomon says:

This dog is so talented and loves her master to bits!!

zaraaus says:

what a talented dog!

amoonavidtanha says:

After I watched this video I turned my head back to my dumb dog and he was chewing on my papers. Pfffffff

Marcuro1 says:

Love it!!! What a great dog!

MKMurmur says:

Care to prove it instead of just making baseless all-caps assertions? If you actually have a dog who can dance better than this, I’m sure we would all love to see it.

TonyHamster1 says:

Muy bacano!!! The dog’s got talent! See a dancing salsa hamster on my channel TonyHamster1 – Lunch and Learn video 4. The hamster dances salsa bachata and merengue.

Kristina Pniewski says:


brianliska08 says:

11 people can’t Salsa. f

Theutensilrest says:

that got to be the smartest and most talented dog ever!!!

BlairXoX says:

I love her stage presence. Shes great!! I can’t believe this video!! 🙂

luna12351 says:


no buzzerjumper says:

Oh my goddog

AyshunPryde says:

Man’s best friend right here!

dreamlax says:

Much better than the dog that won Britian’s Got Talent. This dog needs no cues, she knows the dance steps and has a whopping big grin on her face as she dances. She looks so happy!

ejonaR says:

This is so funny! That dog is amazing :)

Yana Matveeva says:


TonyHamster1 says:

Very good! A dog with great talent! For an amazing salsa hamster, check out my channel: TonyHamster1

chenangelina36 says:


ePopularity says:

AMAZING VIDEO!!! I’ve always wanted to teach my dog to even stand! haha. I posted this video and other similar ones on my site e-Popularity. check it out!

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