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Baby Doing The Samba Dance


nieveley nunes says:

Isso não é samba, isso se chama “swingueira”

nieveley nunes says:

O nome da música é “trio da huanna- kuduro”

pkhunder1 says:

it’s weird that all brazilian people can dance… even the football players

melizabeth514 says:

What’s the baby’s name and cool moves buddy

Super2long says:

whats the name of the song?
como se llama la cancion?? :p

daniel geddes says:


MsnAngersMe says:

would make a fantastic diaper ad

TVkeyse says:

Not funny to disguise a midget

ccistoocute says:


Eliane Pera says:

baiano engraçadinhu…hehe

goldkehlchenberlin says:

kids love to show what they can do. So cool imitated.

nasirjanqadiri says:

He is not a baby he is 40 year old lol

Rahul Verma says:

he would easily win x factor

Chris Chen says:

The Next Club King

mariana mejia says:

ajajjajajajjaajajajajaja que vaja ese pelaitho

Rahul Verma says:

hes the best dancer ive seen by far

Rahul Verma says:

the baby needs to teach me his move hes got sweet moves

Rahul Verma says:

hump hump

Rahul Verma says:


akoonjb says:

Its like a zombie or something possessed lol

akoonjb says:


Amanda Thurston says:

oooh, baby can dance, his parents are going to have to beat the girls down in 10 years! they are going to be in trouble, lol

taijhas69 says:

Hey I love I had. Kcjgbk gfuhchvcv

tamara201211 says:

@Saran2701 lol

lindawin sainpitaz says:

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Mohammed Toure says:

Eu gostaria que o título da música, por favor

Fldb12 says:

isso não é samba!Isso é Axé(outro tipo de dança do Brasil)

Shaybel Liriano says:

what this song called !?

Saran2701 says:

This baby can get his freak on! lol

Saran2701 says:

I wonder if the baby is gonna grow up dancing

berealaboutit1 says:

dang he can dance his little butt

leonardo messi says:

2 yrs.

szerelemgyerek says:

Lovely baby:)

Bia Ferraz says:

The child is cute and funny, but this is NOT samba.

SereneClaws says:

That kid needs to teach me how to dance.

pinklaser321 says:

cool baby lol

chandikalubis says:


diego yanez says:

xDDD pendejo qliao

D Latouche says:

This Made My Day!!!! Sooo cute

Emma grace says:

hhhhh he’s so freakin’ fast o.O luv this boy <3

Chloey0789 says:

Hispanic babies have different developmental milestones than other babies, as do Asians and Pacific islander babies, and so forth….I looked like I was 5 yrs when I was only 3yrs….its a matter of difference in development and culture…I also have a cousin who was the star of all our family gatherings because he was 3yrs and could dance like Michael Jackson and Samba, Meringue, and Salsa with the best of ’em….and, may I repeat, he was 3 years old!!!

Chloey0789 says:

ECHA! Que lindo eres! <3 It's true...we Hispanics know how to dance before we learn anything else! What a talent! <3

Raquel Cunha says:

that sound is not samba, it is sounds like a mixture of Axé and Kuduro…

MhzPrado4u says:

wow he can move

mayaharyry says:

amazing kid

naiad1983 says:

gues you have no idea how a 5 yr old kid really looks like then… cause that is NOT a 5 yr old, more a 1,5 yr old..

pirateblarny says:

FAKE. That’s what a 5 yr old in brazil looks like. They just put a diaper on it to get that baby look.

NappyBishop says:

Olá a todos! … Abençoe! Eu sou um artista dos estados viveu no Panamá por um ano e aprendeu espanhol …. e agora eu faço música em outras línguas eu sei que tenho um sotaque, mas as letras são muito profundas … o grupo é chamado americanos Black por favor, ouça a nossa música eu tenho você. um vídeo que gravei quando eu estava vivendo em uma área perigosa e com a minha namorada x …. um Santera 43 anos .. jejej basta clicar em meu nome para ver o vídeo é de 2 minutos .. nada mais

Mark Wear says:

LOL, this kids can dance better than me. If he can dance like that, he should be changing his own diaper.

Andrea Alvarado says:

I love him, he’s so cute!!! He dances much better than my boyfriend lol

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