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Close Check out our upcoming show in NYC! This March 19-22. Get your tickets early. There are 4 shows only, and tickets usually sell out….


kpage30 says:

Went to see this last night in Albuquerque NM. It was so bad I walked out after the 3rd dance. Found other people in the hall that had to work this event and they told me that I am lucky because I was able to leave and they also wanted to leave. We all agreed, this was the worst show we have ever seen. Waist of $90.00

euphony93 says:

seeing them tonight. Can’t wait!!!

Kincajou says:

Just saw this group at the Annenberg theater in Philadelphia. They were awesome!

Wyzdm says:


infoDanceBrazil says:

DanceBrazil, under the direction of Jelon Vieira, presents its 2011 New York City Season at the Joyce Theater.

Join us!

At each performance, DanceBrazil’s electrifying company will present the New York City Premiere of Batuke, the revival of A Jornada (2001), and an excerpt from Memórias (2010), all featuring the company’s signature fusion of Capoeira, Afro-Brazilian Dance in a contemporary form.

capoeira Basel capoeira pequines says:

ai nesse meio tem luta, que muita jente penssar quer e dança pois e Luta também

deusa do ebano says:

lindo perfeio e maravilhoso e divino como só os artistas afro decendentes poden ser,somos seres iluminado,GRACIAS AO UNIVERSO por ciar seres tao perfeitos como nos

9Naethy says:


krejdej says:


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