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BRAZIL CLUB MIX TRACKLIST ······ ······ 00:00 Ai se eu te pego (Club Mix) 04:20 João Lucas e Marcelo – Tchu Tcha Tcha (Eden ES Shalev Remix) 09…


danilo crippa says:

Good night everybody, I’m trying to get my space like a DJ, so please no unnecessary coments. I don’t have money to spend, just my computer and myself. I know I’m not like avicii or afrojack but I’m doing my best, so please give me this chance listening to my song ! Thanks everybody who read this and listen to my song !

JackScrolls says:

i’m really fall in love with 2:52 girl

MagnetiXofficial says:

Dear Electronic Music Fans,

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I’m a producer from the United States, and I mainly make Progressive/ Electro House – I’m just starting to get of the ground, as I have been gaining experience for the past year.

Just spare a minute of your time to check out my newest release, “Generation”, and you’ll see that it was worth it!

– MagnetiX


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RegensDominor says:

1% music 99% porn

Guntis Guncha says:



i salute you DJ RICKY that mix is off the hook

REDHAT7078 says:


fabian howard says:

to all those haters that come in here fcuk off we dont need you

fabian howard says:

fuck you

Halorulz1122 says:

the music FYI..i actually didnt come here via my dick..

Halorulz1122 says:

i wish this was on itunes…

fabian howard says:

fuk off

Weedy Gonzales says:


mrfulpolado says:

e aonde isso

298sem says:

realy realy nice!!! realy realy awsome!! realy realy sick!!!!!

Galang Irawan says:

what is the song?

infamouskid691 says:

and you sound like they typical person not from america…..hey atleast us americans say what we mean and put it like it is instead of beating around the bush

fabian howard says:

you must love cummin back for more ae

fabian howard says:

scared are we dick

11kwright says:

Ain’t bringing nowt to you – you are a waste of my time. Ciao idiot!

XxiMight69HerXx says:

Hey Youtubers and Music Lovers,
Guess most of you all? skip these comments, but for you who is still? reading this, thanks !
Im 16, house music Dj/Producer from Canada. As you know there is not alot of EDM DJs from Canada so this can really help me out with my dream.
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fabian howard says:

you stay in n.z. if so the north pik a place an a time an well settle it like real people do or are a you afraid…

fabian howard says:

huh wateva bitch ooh bring it

11kwright says:

You sound like you’ve been watching too many American movies. Continually defecating stereotypical old New Yorker type line. Please try and at least be original, BITCH is it! For the record, I don’t need to do anything, you are already doing it with your mouth as you sound like you’ve been eating shit.!

piotrekboss1470 says:

again nooosa;/// hate!!!

fabian howard says:

any way what the fuk are u gunna do bitch…

fabian howard says:

this track is algud its jst you bitch..

fabian howard says:

na yours bitch

11kwright says:

No defecating mouth, I think yours!

fabian howard says:

yeah your mamma bitch…

11kwright says:

Is that it, the best you can do! The usual crappy expletives that suggest you are a numb-scull. You my dear are absolutely rubbish! Guess you don’t like hearing the truth. As they say, the truth hurts, DOESN’T IT!

fabian howard says:

next time stay the fuck out hater an fuck off bitch kunt…

wakeskate er says:

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead thou shalt be saved. Romans 10:9

11kwright says:

So this is where the stupid music comes from. Do adults seriously listen to this what sounds like teeny boppers music for 4-8 year olds. Honestly, rubbish. Just so wouldn’t cut it in UK or USA unless we were drunk.

montrond1271 says:


sonnenblume669 says:

endlich einmahl ein guter mix der auch zum schluss noch spass macht

Samm Sammy says:

ya but brasilian 😡

Dunn Linus says:

latinooooooooo like

Samm Sammy says:

hahahah eyyy ayyy ayyy ;D

Samm Sammy says:


Samm Sammy says:

i sawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it why horrible???????????????? ahhhahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahhahahha

MrHelderbest says:

essa fimagem nao e no brasil amigos isso se chama a grande miami capital da noite e da mulher bonita ha desculpem e com classe!!!!!!!!!

fabian howard says:

well im sold off to brazil yeah

aLgProduction says:


Dj RedX says:

hi! im Dj Red X ;I’m a beginner and spending a lot of time on Mixing and producing music ? Everyone famous once started out small, and Im small now! plz “Subscribe in my channel”, listen to my music Thank you ! X_x

gogos gogakis says:

13:06 nice desktop

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