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EL grupo “CHOCOLATE”, conocido mundialmente, y sus creadores del Hit internacional ” Ritmo de la noche” y “Everybody Salsa “, asi como muchos otros Hits pres…


AL LURIN says:

I came here to laugh at the demographics. so predictable.

Galo Flores says:

Que ritmo para cansado , no tiene ni letra el autor debe de haber tenido algún problema mental que solamente utiliza dos palabras

Sabrennagirl23 says:

Cool in a weird way 🙂 and yes that exists! lol

Mugthraka says:

You mean the cool part of youtube?…

or else i have bad news for you…

louis guajardo says:

esta musica no sirve es musica tec lo latino es mejor

Jorge Milindre Rey says:

estos quienes son??????????
no tienen ni ritmo!



Peyton Brown says:


zorro9992 says:

1:32 could make a gay man straight!

Nick Salazar says:

What the F is this? This is by no means a “Latin” dance. This looks like some lame Mexican sh$t.

Dynoids says:

1:32 i just saved you a lot of time

Dynoids says:

Penis: hey click that vid
me: okay *clicks vid*
me: what the fuck is this

rosa arwood says:

con tanta latina k baila lindo y sexy ,ponen a esa de faldilla blanca k baila horrible, no tiene ton ni son ,la proxima pongan a una nina linda k si sepa bailar chicos x dios

57chachou says:

dansa la gouvilla

duhKrmaa says:

same lol

rida wasty says:

good work out omg she is hot

lccv1 says:

Entre solo por el culo yo tambien xD

llllXGanondorfXllll says:

I came here for the ass

shadowfoxx4 says:

u would but with the way porn works if u look up lantino porn ur not gonna sse dudes u will still see females

Kiriltchik says:

you shud date a latino not a latina ahahahaha

Kiriltchik says:


nlk666 says:

i want to date a latina

Chris Oyarzabal says:


anita69loka says:

Me encanta , vivaa salsaaaaaaaaaa latina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jesiglesbib says:

Toooma k toomaa subrotheer

jiovanniist says:

all i can say is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

radambe says:


Jay Winchester says:

you mean latina porn? the word latino is used to describe a hispanic male and latina is used to describe a hispanic female. so if u look up latino porn your gonna see gay hispanic dudes LMAO

MrStilldreal says:

I’m so lovin this right now

Sabrennagirl23 says:

Oh, im in THAT part of youtube again. >.<

devin3071 says:

ima go look up latino porn now………

Tj Legend says:

the songs gay take it or leave it, you got a classic case of gettin it twisted, id rather have spiders crawl on my body then be a dodo chaser

ProtoneMM says:

Hi dancers! Create your own dance-video to the song “Danza Latina” and post it as a video response. The creator of the video with the most likes till September 30, 2012 will get an Apple iPod touch 4. Generation. Good luck …

Luis Oliveira says:

No one needed to know this, yet you felt you shoud explain yoursef, sounds like a self hating closet case to me.

Tj Legend says:

The style of music is gay – i clicked for the hot woman but disliked for the gay night club vibe

clipsryan says:

Yeah. Hot half-naked women. So gay.

Jerilyn Kunkler says:

this was gay

Eduardo Medina says:

like this comment if u liked this

Samille Johnson says:


c. burgest says:

DAMN!!! I Like(smiley face)


like the music. too much butt in my face. ewww

wootwootpartytyme says:

my penis brought me here

xSpacexRotmg says:


AztecTheKIng says:

sounds like the sooundtrack from The ballad of gay tony. the masoinette club i think

dancer babyt says:

i like it 

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