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Close ◅··· “English” : Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that combines elements of fights martial arts, sports, and danc…


smukulu says:


tania favre says:


manjaoui says:

nickel, soigneux  rien a dire

Marsellinni says:

Eddie from Tekken!!!

TNGbusiness says:

i take capoeira and i still can’t do that stuff yet but i still love it.

McEsquiloso says:

I found this cool idea to show capoeira to paris, helping to show the Brazilian culture.
I fis capoeira is a very beautiful art of fighting and discipline.
a hug for those who love capoeira in the outside world.
e i am from brazil =D

Kyle Potkay says:

Damn, that’s pretty sick dude haha nice!

Psalm150worship says:

that is really kool :)

CapoeiraParis says:

c’mon, let’s do Capoeira !

CapoeiraParis says:

sure, thanks =) gotta love capoeira

CapoeiraParis says:

allright, that’s cool !

CapoeiraParis says:

Nice, thanks ! ginga is life 

TheDyeDM5 says:

wish i could do that

nolimetal says:

Great skills, great video and great music.Keep up the good work

Shauna Gal says:

Great spelling. Well done.

Nobodycaresnote says:

Ouais, je sais. en fait, ce n’était pas moi qui ai fait la remarque directement a un ami 😀

David Michel says:

0:43 must know 😀

David Michel says:

0:43 must know 😀

David Michel says:

0:43 must know!!! 😀

liya612 says:


pablo rudler says:

je vais bientot prendre ds cours avec cette association, j ai hate de commencer ps je suis deja corde blanche orange

jamal Khon says:

0:18 I hoped to backflip

doullax says:

Wow! :O
Te super, incroyable!!

RaqueteQuizumba says:

oh my god

sheldonbotler says:

Holly mackeral, that was incredible! Thank you for sharing!

TheAquarius1978 says:

for me one of the most beutifull martial arts, iff not the most beutifull

Shu Jian Leong says:

Awesome! So Cool!

liya612 says:


Steph T says:

Graceful :)

philippa small says:

that was bloody amazing.

Kelly Kilduff says:

0:30 best partt! lol

Paul Kagondo says:

Tekken. Eddy

Izabel Della Siepe says:

this is so cool!

thesingingbeautyx says:

This is awesome!! well done! 🙂 xx

Ellie Bridges says:

Wow this is amazing!!! 🙂

Henleyo100 says:

This is awesome, cheers for the comment on my video, good choice of music and 100 percent perfect location.

liya612 says:


Savannah Wain says:

Aw this is actually great, so talented 😀 x

Savannah Wain says:

Aw this is really cooool 🙂 x

Savannah Wain says:

Aw this is really cooool 🙂 x

KayLaGail7 says:

this video is so COOL

PastaInBox says:

Comme ça gère !

VaniaLSyamsu says:


Daniel Borges says:

that’s pretty awesome man!

purpleblueUmbreon says:

Ninja! :o

melanieluvzyou143 says:

this is amazing you guys should all subscribe

ShrimpThao says:

That’s so cool! I wish i could do that!

Remi Akindele says:

wow this is amazing. well done!

georgiascover123 says:

this is funny but cool x

tepnaman1 says:

thank you for this amazing video, finally some great capoeira. its tiring to find just awfull ginga everywhere 🙂

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