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I like this video but not the music track, so I changed it. No disrespect to the artist. Worked out pretty good, I think. Gotta love those Brazilian girls!


CubanBaBiG2245 says:

I have big juggs. Who would like a boob hump?

exoticaBaRBie6555 says:

Ill have you panting hard while you ejaculate.

ferschmidtttt says:

Well, I just wanted to show that there are many different kinds of girl in Brazil (Physique/ racial/ cultural features).
It’s ignorance to generalize.

05tjj says:

wasn’t referring to race my dear! but to their physique! i’m as dark or light as they are!! color has nothing to do with it! guess everyone’s perception of ‘sexy’ or beauty is different!

ferschmidtttt says:

LOL, no.

We’re multiracial/ multicultural. There are all the sort of girls in Brazil.

Samantha Salvemini says:

yeah right you never get any really good videos on here. if you want the real shit this site has real girls nymphos who you can just message and they send you anything check out this bit.lyW3aE4P

Dave Munoz says:

05tjj umm its called being thick

brundigezlolitar says:

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larkirby44 says:

Listen to lady gagga just dance when watching this its cool

newballin says:

Don’t need it after watching this video

enidsilva23 says:

What’s the name of this song?

leonardo messi says:

problema teu porra

BR10striker says:

Will someone tell me the name of the song?

BR10striker says:

I still don’t know the name of the song. I aw what someone put and it was wrong.

hypekillacsplaya says:

good! so when i visit you can be my tour guide, 🙂

Khemistry101 says:

See below.

BR10striker says:

Name of song?

Debby Jane says:

l can dance like that not only brazilans dance like that but portugues too 😉 l`ll try to make a vid of me doing that dance 😉

Brazilian BR says:

Slut has to get shot in the face!!!

Maria cruz says:

que vergonha de ser Brasileira 

Vitor Machado says:


willie c says:

You just can’t handle a women like that lol

London28147 says:

i’m going to learn this dance

trancaholic25 says:

what kind of dance is this???

Phil Noit says:


m1259g says:

You could, oh yeah? Let me see u dance like that . Hit me up

threezy350 says:

lol, ignorance

05tjj says:

do all brazilian women look like men? ewww thunder thighs.. they look like wrestlers or weight lifters…

vosburgwclydew says:

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Sharay Gordine says:

Im brazilian but i was not born in brazil i wish i was tho

Jonathan Taylor says:

All these bitches commenting shit and swearing they from Brazil…

Jonathan Taylor says:

All these bitch pretending to be from Brazil
Shame on y’all…!

Rare Lucid Haxks says:

@Khemistry101, what is the song ‘?

Rare Lucid Haxks says:


missapril340 says:

thats a gd dance all in time !!!!!

ladykaisooofly says:

Work it:)

carmodyiwildal says:

Relax and watch Live XXX Girls Now ~> bit.lyJNJk7K

VietBoy7thst says:

Time To Maserbate

EDUARDA lehner says:

Ela desce e quica no chão , apenas ‘-‘

darnellgabriel says:

That’s it, I’m moving the Brazil lol.

King Coul says:

Who is for replacing some existing US visas with special VISAS for hot Brazilian women???

OMIGAWDmagazine says:


ButterflyLady59 says:

Right on! They both kick ass.

jimmymac63 says:

That looks amazingly like my, “I gotta take a mean shit!” dance!

Giancarlo Santos says:

All people who being negative fuck off Brazilian women are beautiful . Yhh there clothes might be reviling bt in my country we don’t judge women what they wear cause they can wear anything they want so haters suck ur self and all Arab women hide under clothes were underneath is only fat wobbly body nt toned curves

Jrv784 says:

@4thletta i highly doubt that, but would draw fans to your video

Jrv784 says:

@igonzalez1154 cool story bro

nitelyfe555 says:


brillowpad1 says:

The short thick one ummm

lgonzalez1154 says:

Wow Arabian women have that retarded cloth on their head these are clearly hotter than any Muslim shitty women fuck Muslims another retarded religion started by Moran’s in the desert

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