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Dancers from the Tropicalismo Brazilian Dance Company perform a Brazilian dance at the 2007 Mountain View Dance Festival. Tropicalismo is located in Santa Cr…


jasspreet8 says:

wooooowwwwwww amazing i like it

gypsijewel says:

wow! that looks absolutely exhausting! what strength and the colorful plummage. notice a couple of belly dance moves in there

maechel200 says:

very good !

MultiMusicBrasil says:

It’s an improvised music, but you could research the authentic Bateria samba ” DVD Monobloco 2010 – 07- Bateria / Vai Vadiar ” on youtube 🙂

Miya N says:


eyezowonder07 says:

You don’t have to be Brazilian to samba, you just have to have stamina, confidence, enjoyment and heart. You have to feel it and i believed these girls felt it! Awesome musicians by the way! ;D

Emily Hendriks says:

they are sooooo cute!! i loved this vid!! cute costumes and colors! love choreo! all together great dance!

mareseddy says:


009firefox says:

What is your problem? Just stand there and do it better. It’s not the original but maybe they are having a great time.

maurogmss says:

atrasado… non brazil…not brazil

mexiboyhou says:

can any body tell me the name of the song? or some similar songs like this! plzz!! i really need them! plz!!! reply my comment!

Shirley makita says:

dang people getting hostile…yea it may not be the real thing but they did there am I the only one that noticed the girl in the orange meses up like she kept stopping cuz she lost the steps or something..

anonymous10001000 says:

they should get better at samba before they perform, if you just watch videos u can have it down in an hour, thats how i did it…… 😛

Elvis Ramos says:

Como Se Llama la cancion????

Elvis Ramos says:

Como SE Llama la cancion????

adballet says:

Nice, but where is the samba?

Da Ma says:

Come on! Give them a break at least for trying…I know Brazilians put passion into their Sambas.

Da Ma says:

Samba is a gift to the world from Brazil…feel proud to be a Samba dancer, Samba is medicine to heal the soul…..Sambaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

marlog1972 says:

Mas que merda !!!!! That’s Shit, All the dancers get a life and a ticket to Brazil to fucking learn how to fucking dance. Marcel in Australia

ZocaloAztek says:

One of the songs I found on Itunes is title: Beija-Flor Suite Artist: Chalo Eduardo.
Another was CD title: Abacaxi – novo Samba Percussion Live in concert.


the lady in the orange should be in the middle, She is the best


the lady in the orange should be in the middle


i like brazillin ppl there awsome there dances


i like brazillin ppl

Yamina Boase says:

Lovely costumes girls!

giovanna0505 says:

Hola busca “sambas de enredo” saludos.

analyrondon20 says:

alguien conoce canciones asi de samba q sean super rapidas como para hacer un baile de carnaval? pliiss necesitoo ayuda

regecol says:

I am brazilian and this dance in this video really had good level and is good to see. Congratulations… nice coreography…

IshtarBellydancer says:

beautiful and what gorgous costumes! love the skirt!

flavor30 says:

belize all dayy,…..luv brazil also

SeanThompson80 says:

Okay the one in the orange dances hella fkn hard.  She can shake it very well compared to the other girls. 10 points for the orange samba dancer!

rteod2 says:

I love u Brazil, i really miss my home

bellaricana says:

where can i buy costumes like these??

psychovirus01 says:

i’m a filipino and what’s the title of the song?

PhoenyxBoy says:

that was good but wasnt samba at all :S

littletanbear says:

Fan of BRazilian dance..Shows their rich culture…

Dulce Uva says:

Eu gostaria mover assim : )

otanlu says:

i love the sound in: 1:15

Garouchka says:

maravigliosaaaaaaaaaaa! te adoro Brasil!
uma beijo do Paris atodos brasileiros e brasileiras!
com um grande amor do Paris!

SusanSalsa says:

LOL yes terrible samba, but very pretty nontheless. Choreography is nice and the costumes must have cost a fortune.

coragem2 says:

Nice dance, nice colors, altrough I can immediately realize nobody is brazilian! That makes it even beautiful! I am brazilian samba dancer and I loved it!

ubiratansousa says:

Apareceu um “entendido” p/criticar a cultura musical brasileira. Quem sabe, um futuro “Prêmio Nobel”, sabe-se lá de q… Vai te catar, mané!

razzmuhtazz says:

the outfits wrer sooo cute! is this every year in santa cruz?

darkslayer0218 says:

this is not samba..this is some kinda twisted version the americans pulled out cuz they cant samba for real..noo feeling at all..the costumes where some mix btwn cuban and brazilian..i dunno..get seriouss!

SandraGames says:

Ladies, you were awesome! I am teaching myself samba, can you please tell me where could I buy samba shoes?

beyerprep says:

uhh.. maybe you should read about the Brazilian culture.

spiderpig01234 says:


snoopy9352 says:

their samba is pretty awesome and the chorey of the whole dance is very good

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