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Brazilian Bikini Booty Dance Contest | Sexy Super Bowl Mulher Melancia dançando de biquini Samba is a lively, rhythmical dance of Brazilian origin in 2/4 tim…


lawrencer908 says:


Romudaja98 says:

Big Butts

MrWoh12 says:

Lol what are they’re daughters / soons going to say when they see this..


i am so in love with her

Jeff Conde says:

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Ajuri kba says:

mas que cuzão bunitu

Raihan Balfas says:

lol you never get any really good videos on here. if you want the real shit this site has real girls nymphos who you can just message and they send you anything have a look at this:

philliple123 says:

Dat ass.

Rumen Angelov says:

Nipple at 0:55

jovramirez12 says:

Wtf is this

frankdiaz058 says:

Wow q culo

kid equinox says:

Dude, what song is that? It grimey i love it

S1NN0MBRE00 says:

what people see in an anorectic girl with an ass of a 11 year old boy? 😉

robichaud42 says:

If any guy doesn’t think that this video is hot than u are gay

Kramesor69 says:

Yukkkk!!! What people see in a fat ugly ass is beyond me you might as well go fuck a hippo.

haroon awan says:

v get stupid strickly cunt dancing in uk and brazil play THAT on there national TV. shame on u british TV.

zyura says:

Fuck! I don’t blame you, that what our tourism export!
That’s why I, and a lot more smart Brazilians, Hate this place!

rtmyt says:

Awesome !!

TheWelshy83 says:

Straight to BA website and booking my ticket

bf3ram says:

Damn im moving to brazil

banner19821 says:

Wow add

ruddiato says:

so many brazillian girls to have sex with

keverinkarama says:

It’s Brazil fool how u think it’s gonna be?

Brazil = Sex.

Mandinko23 says:

wow i can’t believe this is on a national television wow i thought spanish people were crazy but brazilian top the list.

Nefferello says:

gross, landed on wrong website.

oswaldo8392 says:

Amore linda….love

mainline ford says:


savannahblk says:

Yes Brazil, YESS!!! Got to get me a big booty brazilian, lol.

SashaCutieGirliee says:


chris6yy6y says:

@ jellybean u must b gay lol

jellybean2626 says:

if you like the ass of a hippo

cosmosgato says:


LotionUpMyTots says:

Ass ass ass ass

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