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Best salsa dancers in the world! Just my own personal top ten countdown of who I think are the best dancers in the salsa scene. Don’t agree? Tell us who you think are the best in the comments.


ricardo alarco razuri says:

this sucks… nobody knows how to really dance salsa.. nowdays they are more focuses if the couple get dizzy or not..plop! nobody cares from the hips down… check this video watch?v=iGzvslbagPs

mimikune says:

**shittin brix**

CeciliaT44 says:

Now that Cantinflas could rock the salsa big time.

CeciliaT44 says:

The guy from the first couple needs to loose some pounds. The second couple were much better but only showed one move, the third couple the guy needs to do push aways from the table. what the hell was that in the pocket of the fourth couple-very distracting. the fifth couple ok, the sixth couple slow yet ok, Nice move on the 7th, the 8th nope, the ninthg ok, the 9th couple was well dressed but the guy would do better if he loose a few pounds. My vote is for couple #2.

Candice Alex says:

shaka brown

PEPEdela110 says:

¿ Donde está Cantinflas ?

Rafael Carrillo says:

That is Eddie Torres a long long time ago

PEPEdela110 says:

Where are the Mamboniks ?

smiesko040404 says:

the best salsa dancer ever is Michael Fonts 🙂

PEPEdela110 says:

Where is Cuban Pete ?

thewire13 says:

Moh rock is rite. Where are the vasquez bross serena cuevas charlene rose tropical gem etc ???

zmijasta says:


jthomas12793 says:

Salsa is fun and interesting to watch. And I like dancing it a lot. But, as a White man I find it just a little bit gross to watch black and brown people dance, even if they are highly skilled. Watching my own people dance is always more pleasant, even if they’re dancing non-white forms. I expect it’s the same, in reverse, for the Third and Fourth World darkies in this video. I’m sure they prefer their own too…and they can have them…I’ll be enjoying watching our beautiful Aryan ladies. lol

giovannimedr says:

Name of the second song (second couple)?? Please!! Thanks!!

jesus perez says:

Me pregunto si esas chicas pueden mover las caderas apartes de tantas vueltas???
Ask myself if those girls could move their hips,besides those spinnings???

cursedbat says:

You LA people commenting are joking right. I could care less about where you are from but like half of this list LA dancers are horrible. Worse, pretentious and rough. Only in LA would you think Christian and Nery are good. Get off YouTube or at least type in the Nicholas Bros or Les Twins to see what real Dancing looks like. Salsa has been dead for years. Take off the damn ice skating suits and learn to dance. The odd few like Frankie, Juan, Yamulee, have done some good work. The majority suck.

salserito01 says:


Dolores Mendoza says:

I love oliver pineda!!!

PalladiumMambonick says:


Harriet Rodriguez says:

2,8,9 really know how to dance

Arpia2007 says:

Y El pasito “Tun Tun”

nomakeupcutie says:

where is Alien Ramirez-she is the best to me, hands down

nano j says:

#1 Oliver Pineda

nano j says:

#9…..eddie T needs to shed some weight he’s good if you dont know how to dance…..some of the guys in this look like chihuahuas on cocaine! loosen up them jeans, guys with camel toes look really bad!

Rafael Carrillo says:

Sorry pzcato, I just forgot I had the caps letter on, did not meant to yell

tommy m says:

All good dancers, but unless you’re going to get paid to dance most guys spend way too much time learning dance steps when most of us go to a salsa club to pick up. Good dancers are a dime a dozen in a club. If you want to see steps to improve your game, check out my video Don Juan For Dummies. Or if you’re just a Star Wars fan.

enaniux90 says:

Dangggg @ 4:06 i thought she had broken her arms lol

Luis Giullfo says:

I have to say that Oliver Pineda is my role model… that man dances awesome, and can come up with some serious improvisations… a mi en lo personal me bacila como baila ese broer (aunq el sea d desendecia chilena y yo peruano xP igual el talento se reconoce)

salsero4U2 says:

When do think Salsa started? since you know so much…

moh rock says:

you’ve forget the vasquez brothers and sisters! 🙂

Sergio SotoMambo says:

@ Federico vega: El tumbao de Cachao by Johnny Polaco

Sergio SotoMambo says:

@ kepare23: Vamos a reir un poco

macguy4321 says:

Cristian Oviedo, Nery Garcia, Liz Lira, Sergio Leal should all be on that list. I wasn’t impressed with the girl that just spun a bunch of times. Girls like that are a dime a dozen here in L.A.

kpare23 says:

what’s the name of the song playing at #7 Gabe Perez?

Lodewijk20 says:

Uw opinie is nogal eenzijdig. Er bestaan toch echt meerdere stijlen. Ook in Cuba Colombia Puerto Rico zelfs Japan wonen uitstekende dansers, die excelleren in hun eigen stijl. Los daarvan bestaan er geen beste dansers of danseressen . Alleen kan op een moment als alles samenvalt een memorabele dans plaatsvinden en dan vooral in het gevoel van de danser . Wat U doet is zich blind staren op show en techniek een beginnersfout.Wat U moet leren is in het uitgaansleven de competitie buiten te laten.

Federico Vega says:

What is the name of the introductory song (the first song in the video)?

Federico Vega says:

Nombre del tema q esta en la introduccion?

Rene Panameno says:

Todos bailan muy bonito la pareja # 6 estan muy bien los felizito saludes deds]los angeles california

on2ivi77 says:

Colimbian salsa … oh please … Nothing but tricks and repeated footwork pattern. And I have to add I don’t have on1 dancers on my list don’t like the style!

on2ivi77 says:

Loved the list however Amanda Estilo and Kimberly Flores would have been on mine. que vive el mambo!

jcrod729 says:

oye si estos son los mejores salsa del mundo entonces estamos bien mal mira yanek y diana cuban style salsa entonces tu me diras quien es mejor


The title of Mambo King belongs to only one person that really earned it; and that would be El Icono Puertorriqueño Tito Puente. Que En Paz Descanse…. and not Eddie Torres as he claim to be!!!!!

ilanious says:


Joaquin Esquilin says:

4:07 …*speechless*

jcrod729 says:

watch yanek y diana cuban style salsa

AlfaOmegaCosmos says:

¡Dancing ON TWO, is dancing with the TUMBADORA!

MamboSoulDance says:

There you go… Amen brother

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