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Derek Chiu says:

First one is sexy.

Riski Arifiyansah says:


Tweak5tarr says:

All the girls are sexy

Phil Vooz says:

Second one

goobygoobers1 says:

owww…baby love..hahaha..:DDD

daniel isai says:

necesito su ayuda amigos. necesito que mi video sea visto y difundido entre sus amigos para que me ayuden a localizar a la chica que se encuentra en el video.

Nick Sanchez says:

Yeah dance for me

aramisfigueroa1 says:

In the first 1 I like the way she was shaking her body very sex I like the one with the black bra and panties

Gin Canales says:

me:hmmmm,typical harlem shake
*watches VIdeo*
*thinks for awhile*
me:hmmmm,im sure im watchin harlem shake but for some reason me pants are gone,weird

dbz4ever95 says:

The 1st 1…

aramisfigueroa1 says:

That first one was very sexy!!!!!!!!!!!

captainreefer says:

omg that first one

reannabailey24 says:

After they are going to jack off if u no wat that mean

littlejaychou says:

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Juan Francisco says:

I like the first one

netgirl1807 says:

Mom was the best

tanquezon8 says:

so fun

Sebastian Salazar says:

Que Hace Chabelo Ahi?? 1:24 :O

rideforktm says:

The first 1

kejuanthunter says:

I would fuck the shit out of the one touching her boobs

Gabriel silva says:

asians :)

Da niel says:

those asians…

Juan Granada says:


railson aquino says:

O melhor que ja viiie namoral


lion dude got lucky

Bailey Wright says:

3:40 is my favorite out of every Harlem shake video ever made…EVER

dbrezzy012 says:

the end tho DTFL

Hernan Jose says:

Jajajaja 0:52

Janusz Czeropski says:

1:35 polacy ;p

Сергей Носков says:

Красава Про слепого судью ЭТО да

andrealope63 says:


austinscott7934 says:

jerking off

Jrrikiricon says:

luc the 2nd one

austinscott7934 says:

is it rong that i got a bonner from this

Eliahzrel says:

Boob Shake…

hangwire1000 says:

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Anand Avirmed says:

Omg the girl with the big jugs in the corner on thr right is my cousin hehe im telling my mom

TheVinnymac11 says:


salvadoralcantara14 says:

I LOVED BE 3won. 3:-)

Yesther Garcia says:

ajajaja si que hay personas que no tienen nada que hacer

Leo Virgilio says:

try this

Kawaii Sushii says:

Love the second one

rastouilli says:

Big galerre a la fin

maddiev345 says:


Lainehh says:

00:45 is the best one xD

WafflesRForever says:


scoper5000 says:

Love the first

JunniiorFuLL says:

thanks men!

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