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Belly Dance Workout Part 2 of 3by starttoloseweight 272272 views · 5937. Watch Later BELLY DANCE LESSON WORK OUTFULL BELLY DANCINGby Melissa bellydance 104959 views · 2913. Watch Later Power Girl Fitness 20 Minute TOTAL BODY Fitness Workout for 10 Min Abs Workout At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercisesby fitnessblender 1253050 views; Belly Dance Videos from bellydanceorg 69 videos. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe; 739. Watch Later Core Rhythmsby joekdv


jahan sau says:

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Zadiel Sasmaz says:

look at my channel 😉
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Zadiel Sasmaz says:

look at my channel 😉
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damesbedamned says:

Thank you :)

GOTHGAM08 says:

You take one step forward and thrust your stepping foot side’s hip up.

damesbedamned says:

What are hip pops? o-o

Bishal Palpali says:

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Jennifer McLaughlin-Perez says:

I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this way! Epic fail on my end too 🙂

lrdrlover13 says:

o my i am horrible at the footwork!!!! havent danced in years

Darko Tasevski says:

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lorakhan1000 says:

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Debajit Basu says:

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micah job aguinaldo says:

sexy slim body

Opheliac666 says:

Aaaand this causes me to become a tangle of arms and legs…faaaail.

imad bkakli says:

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cobravictim says:

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dc2010ist says:

wow! how long did it take you to lose the pounds?

Jeannette Hudgins says:

You should make these videos into play list so u don’t have to stop working out to start the next video

tengkwokshen says:


theNianda says:

Yes i lost 20 kg doing this workout three – four times a week

ecomoore says:

lol Me too i looked like i was having a fit. but it is so much fun i will be doing this workout from on 🙂

ecomoore says:

The best workout ever. I do look at a bit silly though doing this being over weight and all but i think the more i do it the better ill end up looking and feeling in the long run with my new healthy lifestyle change i can’t go wrong.

Hulk Steve says:

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misamiho1 says:

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nadiakamal2007 says:

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dukmaster777 says:

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Aseel Rihoum says:

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dc2010ist says:

does it really work for losing weight?

arhan fan says:

workout is not just loosing ur weight, its about fitness and healthy shape…..belly dancing gives a better shape to the body and relaxes the muscles 🙂

girl112791 says:

Do that one work out by Jeniffer Lopez for your bum. The one where you get on all fours and lift your legs back wards. And definitely do squats! Firm and strong thighs, with a good amount of muscle, will bring a nice curve to your figure. 

girl112791 says:

The minute they started using their arms, they lost me!
Couldn’t keep up. Need more practice.
I felt like I was doing the Hawaiian dance. LOL
This is fun though, I enjoyed it. Felt the burn in my forearms too!

hardcock2100 says:

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misn adin says:


minoukatwoman says:

thank you for posting this, very fun workout! I’m gonna save your playlist and play it over and over again!

beneathyourlove says:

I dont think you can make your hips bigger unless you eat things like fast food or you sit a lot.
I think if you workout and are losing weight, your hips will get smaller.

Alabelle92 says:


TheNightMistress says:

Is this good for losing weight off belly?

beastlyyx says:

nice, but i want a bigger bum so should i just squat after?

chuckandblair32 says:


chuckandblair32 says:

Will my hips get bigger or smaller?

Priscilla Carabez says:

Yes! I My tits actually look a lil more perky but my ass did slim down. I’m wearing tight jeans again. Pair them up with some sexy Aldo heels and you’re set!

beastlyyx says:

will it lose weight on my ass and tits?

Priscilla Carabez says:

This is my favorite workout because it works your entire body and the results are very feminine. I don´t like a masculine sculpted body on a woman. Plus, you learn some sexy moves for your man 😉

fairylove1 says:

With Free youtube to DVD converter!

diana atienza says:

how can i download this?

MaliaAndTetra says:

Really? Can you message me and tell me your secrret 😮

marissa zapanta says:

lovely nice this class can help in my class too

xXspedXx says:

Im saying!!! I half assed the few moves I did do, and my entire core was sore fore 4 days. I love this.

Leony M says:


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