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onamissionhere says:

That was AMAZING! my little girls and I just watched you and now they are trying to imitate! so cute! They’re 5 and 7! 

890luckycharms says:

PERFECT! reversing the belly roll is actually an undulation. Too many people think the ‘camel walk’ is the undulation.

carolineptenchick says:

just tried it- not even close… lot’s of practice to come!

midz500 says:

stop your special effect tricks!!

Ylluria M. says:

When I do it from up to down, my upper abs wanna do this strange, choppy, hitch-y thing- and just on the release. (Whereas from down to up I’m just fine.) Might you have any suggestions for smoothing that out..? Is it just an issue of needing to practice further, or is it more of an issue w/controlling those upper abs..? Cheers! And -great- lesson! ^_^ ♥

Janessa Jula says:


laura27223 says:

@ilovemonkeys998 Haha I’m right there with ya!:’)

5698rlnd says:

Some hurt, some don’t, and some are in-between. Who cares anyway?

Leanne Watson says:

Bizzarre .. i wanna do that!!!

Daisy Bucio says:

I cant tell them apart.! -_____-

lilpurplegirl111 says:

No it doesn’t hurt!!!!!

Hypster0628 says:

Oddly hypnotic…

aoazulemi3 says:

I did it!!!!!! MAN! That stuff hurts!!!! (^_^;;)

Robin Lynn says:

It isn’t hard, it just takes a long time to get it right. Just jump in and start doing it. Good luck

BellyJulie says:

omg it looks so hard to do!!!! thanks for posting

Santosh Minz says:

That is exquisite and mesmerising… Could anyone tell me the song details the lady is dancing on???

ilovemonkeys998 says:

hahahahahahahahaha i’ll never be able to do this shit :”)

Maylana Christmas says:

de upper abs prt….

TateziFan says:

OMG! I can do this! (:

mila lps says:

is there an easier way to do it????? O.o

supriya chodavarapu says:

she is amazing…

mngcastro says:

o_0 talent….

veronica32028 says:

shes like a snake!

Priyal Jain says:

practiced for 2 months and got it, thanks so much :*

Obnoxification says:

Wow!!! I can do that too. I do it a little different thow. I made some videos on my channel you can see them there

Obnoxification says:

Cool I can do the same thing! Check out how I do it on my channel!

afghangirl469 says:

I can do this perfectly! was able to it since I was a kid, now I’m a pro! any speed also reverse mode 🙂

gisellevega75 says:

SHAKIRA2 is what you are

NeeRaz Crestha says:

its really!awesome

RealBentusiII says:

do a barrel role !

Tulsa Torres says:

It’s kinda creepy how her tummy moves. But really cool

lorna miaow says:

taha am good at this one jus while walking my fats do that xD

Makenna Ewing says:

i can do it

Mikihara says:

Freakin hard to do

Keyshawt1 says:


Keyshawt1 says:

Shit is diffcicult -_-

Chiara1199 says:


Angelique Toipez says:

this is soo hard how do you build up the muscles and control?

xlandjsilvers says:


ORnursemurderer says:

in and out…..hmm,,,you got me all thinking now….+haha+….hmmm,,,,look im not some perv…but…”in and out” what do you expect me to think???

rihoko03 says:

omglob i did it!!!!

alienjjj says:


preferidochica says:

I almost got it. wow.i am GONNA learn this.

yolo602 says:

I’m Fat. t(-_-)

rainbowkittles says:

i farted .-.

RheDahlia says:

Ok, so I can contract them problem is relaxing one @ a time..any tips???

drea starr says:


djsrn50 says:

….i cant move my upper ab and lower ab…its all just one jiggle to me D”:

P3p1ta11 says:

This makes me feel fat Fml… : /

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