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belly dance lesson work out lose weight and learn to belly dance by far the best teacher! Her classes are located in London UK Melissa BellyDance Online belly dance school also available – Learn with Melissa in online belly dance classes For more go to: twitter: @melisbellydance I do not own the rights to all the music no infringement intended.


Manimala Rama says:

hi Melissa, i want to practice your belly work out but i have knee pain so can i practice it.

cheekyroo24 says:

I love ur videos i’ve just starfted belly dance classes but man i just can’t do the shimmi heehee…mind u i got osteoarthritis in both ma knees too so i think that don’t help lol:) xxxx

lambfe says:

I teach belly fitness here in la puente in the US. Its a good sweaty workout. Ur workout is soo fun.Much respect

Samantha Martin says:

Tried it and I couldn’t finish! Its so much harder than it looks! 😡

pinktink1979 says:

LOVE IT!!!! Im doing this often!! You are so fun and energetic!! ; D

Lilian Aldirawi says:

Very lovely, thank you!

Melissa BellyDance says:

Hi Annie,
Glad you enjoyed the workout!
The beauty about belly dance is that it tones you up in all the right places no matter what shape you are! So stay with it – Good luck!

musiconfire10 says:

You are awesome!! You are soo encouraging and have such great energy!!!

askunique says:

You are phenomenal. Wish I was in the UK. I have a friend there..I have to share this vid with her 🙂

Charleston Annie says:

simple question, i am an apple shape body, trying not to be …ha
will this help correct this tummy fat ? or should i go back to the mat with sit ups ?
loved the work out , legs are killing me

احمد الراشدي says:

Thank you

Maria Riza says:

haha,, i like it sooo much :PP
and i am currently downloading this video so that i can use it for my exercise 🙂
Good Job 🙂 i’m very amazed :DD


I dropped ar twelve min and twinty nine sec. And im only 10¡!!!!!!!

Maria Pranti says:

u seem vey excited and passionate about your dance..!!! congrats, keep this enthusiasm!!! 😀

Melissa BellyDance says:

its Tike tike by Arash

ShinjuHoshi says:

loved it!!!! I’m all sweaty now 🙂

احمد الراشدي says:

I Would love to know the name of the Indian song

Dee ally says:

What are they called?

ninaboosexy says:

great fun and cardio warmup for me! thanks for posting

peekaboots01 says:

How in the hell did that first timer in the back catch on so quick?

nikanika365 says:

this was the best dance lesson ive ever watched on youtube!!!!!!

Symone Ann says:

Fun workout had a great time!

Luv11518 says:

This was super fun and a great workout (:

Melissa BellyDance says:

Hey – I have 2 and they play in the USA 🙂 they are available on my website

AllAmericanEricka says:

Please Make A Workout DVD

TheBellydancer31 says:

Hoopfully many more to come! Namaste!

queenie cordero says:

oh my God this is really fun,, i just tried this today, so cool .. though my body hurts lol.. but thanx melissa i’ll be ready for summer lol ..i hope my body will become flexible soon hahahha and by the way you are so enthusiastic and they’re all right 🙂 take care

Silvia Carrillo says:

hi Melissa
I really liked your belly dance lesson your teaching is fun I love
congratulations and greetings from Ecuador 🙂

emausa77 says:

gracias!!! I really enjoyed doing this work out..thanks for sharing..

Clea Buenafe says:

loved the workout! looking forward for more

sootherbs says:

thank you for a full fun workout!!

sakshi chaplod says:

omg..!! its so much fn to do it..!!
hi Mellisa- I am Indian and i really want to loose my belly fat and get that perfect waist just like you…thnx again for sharing this video its really amazing and yes u are so enthusiastic..!! hoping some more videos from you…!!

Melissa BellyDance says:

Glad you enjoyed it!

FlorinaBellydancer says:

This was so much crazy super fun! i loved it really!! 😀 You are a brilliant teacher and an amazing dancer! 😀 xx

Melissa BellyDance says:

Thankyou! This is very helpful for everyone who’s been asking!

shay grey says:

The first song is by: nancy agram it’s called-ya tabtab
second is also by nancy agram -Shakhbat Shkhabet (it’s a kids song) 😀
third is by Ehab Tawfik -Allah Aliek Ya Sidy
fourth is Shik shak shok
fifth is by Saber Rebai – Sidi Mansour

amazing video, keep up the good work 😀

Ahalya al Zarqa says:

This was so much fun to try. I’m a plus size woman and I found this pretty easy to do. Thank you!

lababygirldedgo says:


amm33L says:


Melissa BellyDance says:

Hey all!
As promised here is my PLAYLIST!
Not all songs are listed sorry – I’m unsure of some of the names….

Dj Dream mix – Arabic mix 2011
New Oriental House Remix
Didi – milk and honey
Beautiful liar reggeton mix (beyonce and shakira)
Arash – Tike Tike

PhaedraDarwish says:

please do!

Amy Hakim says:

you’re so energetic and super bubbly too.. hehehe i tried this workout for 5 mins and im out of breath. hahahaha will try it again. anyways i love your playlist..

Melissa BellyDance says:

Thankyou Dina! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

AaronKeilger says:

Helwa ya baladi! so cool I found a song I know in a belly dance video! 😀

Marie132504 says:

this looks like soooooo much fun!

Dina Fayez says:

Hi Melissa, I am egyptio
n from the home country of belly dancing, you are great and the way you do your little screams are hilarious, I was laughing while following your steps. by the way the first song is for kids meaning drawing all over the walls. love you. keep the good work.

Melissa BellyDance says:

oooo i cant remember the name but its on a mix by DJ Dream. hope that helps!

Melissa BellyDance says:

yep from all over - going to do my best to post the play list soon 🙂

01doglover says:

Wow love the way you teach very good. Nice voice pitch. 🙂

ILNARA HannaZalanskas says:

Melissa, I love your playlist!!! What CD’s did you use? I see its a mix from all over the place. Love it!

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