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This is the first lesson out of a full online belly dance course from . Watch and practice at the comfort of your home, by yourself or with a friend. The video starts with 2 minutes of me doing dance improvisation; I believe it is important to see your teacher’s dance style before learning from her. Following that, there are about seven minutes of belly dance lesson. We learn how to do the twist, how to walk with it, and more. The music I dance to is the song “Ra’etak” (“I protected you”) from Hussein el Masry’s album “Arabian Emotions”. Visit to watch the entire course, to get video recommendations, tips, to read articles and see the beautiful boutique of belly dance costumes and accessories. Enjoy!


lexi rox says:

you weirdo i can dance better than you since i was 8 and now im twelve. #yousocan’tdance

priyanka tilwani says:

i dnt understand how the waist is suppose 2 be moved… it has to be shaken aur moved forming 8 what exactly please be precise…

Lola Ibiss says:

brilliant teaching, thank you!

Manar Fikry says:

The music is very silly

TheHippie607 says:

the website isnt working google crome says bad link….

Fulla rose says:

u r the best, I learned how to dance eally nice because of you

Fay Sedigh says:

I love belly dance with you,r help i know i can dance i love the music in you,r video good choice

Afnan Sabry says:

Stupid auto correct

Afnan Sabry says:

I’m sorry

I’m egyptian

And i don’t know how to dance so i can to learn from

But i’m.really sorry but it’s not good at all

U should how egyptians dance!
So i’m gonn go and learn from them:D

xxxRedPoison says:

All this dancing is making me hungry for french macarons ;P

Angel Kissthegirls says:

Feliz por ajudar rsrsrsrs

kamar749 says:

thank you so much 🙂

kamar749 says:

here is the song. I found it finally. enjoy it 🙂

Angel Kissthegirls says:

. The youtube does not allow posting link, sorry.

ra’etak-Hussein El Marsy

kamar749 says:

can you post a link of the song? I can’t find it!!! thanks in advance.

kamar749 says:

I can’t find it too 🙁 it’s a cute song!! I have an egyptian friend, she doesn’t know the song, but she’s gonna look for it. if I find it I’ll let you know.

soosss1 says:

i want the song name .. i could not find it any where .. and i love all ure moves soooo useful 🙂 but plz if u can gave me the name of the song and i guess the artist is ali el ahjjar ? i m in lesson 6 now :)) thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MsMissSalvatore says:

Hi, I know the song your dancing to is Ra’etak by Hussein El Marsy from the Arabian emotions album…..but it seems impossible to find it on the internet to listen to…. Can you please tell me where I can find that exact song on the internet so that I can listen to it please! I would REALLY appreciate it. By the way, great teacher and choice of music, you make it look easy 😉

Catherine Vincenty says:

Your a great teacher is is so fun
but doing it for the first time hurts like bitch

khaledjo86 says:

It is arabic song and music

Amara Beli says:

how can I contact this bellydancer for lessons?? She is very good and clear on her demonstrations and instructions.


i cant find this song!!!!can someone helps me please????

MusicMAAD says:


Awesomizer1 says:

i don’t like the song..but i do like the dance ..thanX

Katarina Krstic says:

i can’t finf this song enywhere.. can somebody help me?

misila says:

I can barely move haha it´s quite difficult!!

Angel Kissthegirls says:

The singer Hussein El Masry song ra etak

abraço do Brasil.

Angel Kissthegirls says:

The singer Hussein El Masry song ra etak

abraço do Brasil.

MsMissSalvatore says:

Love the songs you play during the tutorial, can you tell me where I can find it?????

jailene sereina says:

she is i never knew i can do that until now

Mansvini Misra says:

when i move my belly left to right my whole body moves….what to do??

Lilia Cruz says:

HOW MANY DAYS WOULD YOU SUGGEST WE PRACTICE ON ONE VIDEO BEFORE MOVING ON? This would really help to know because I know I am a slow learner… And most of the time I don’t know when I’m doing something correctly.

kay29xx says:

how long will it take to perfect this single move? O.o

kay29xx says:

please tell me this dance studio is somewhere in new york city because if it isnt im seriouslyyy going to cry my eyes out

Vishu Bansal says:

I watched almost videos on YTb bt ur video is best…. really gud tutor. I dont know even a single step of belly dance. Awesome n keep it up!!!!!!!!

Cindy Garcia says:

great teaching techniques i was able to catch on quick..the arm movement is almost like Flamenco dancing.

SuthernCowGurl94 says:


kerriclogs says:

just tried to go the the website – says “returning soon” when will it be operational again?

Jasmine Aboutaleb says:

dam it! it’s difficult more than I thought 🙁

Helen Yako says:

I cant do the hip twist 🙁

ko eun says:


ko eun says:

i cannot do!!! :( how can i get this more asy?= 🙁

xxxxSiLlYcHiLdxxxx says:

ok now u can teach belly dancing!!!! You explain it so simply and beautifully! I will continue to practice. Thank u! 🙂

ppaulina100 says:

aaale to trudne!!!

AyaKaraRemix says:

I just found your videos and am going to use them to learn how to belly dance! I’ve wanted to learn how to belly dance my whole life but my family couldn’t afford it. Now that I’m older, I was considering getting some lessons at the gym, but why not do it for free through Youtube and on my own time? I’m going to begin later today, I can tell you that I’m very excited. I went through your uploaded videos and just want to say, thank you for doing all that you’ve done! 🙂

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