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Michelle Cartel says:

nice workout i will do it on my own to lose weight thank you 🙂

ClothoidDoll says:

I don’t care what language this is in. I end up blasting my own music anyway

Đạt Huỳnh Tấn says:

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Madorone Alina says:

belly dance workout is the best for me…… to lose weinght……

Caren John says:

y nt english? :/

mickie825 says:

if you focus on the english you can tune out the russian eventually. but hey if not you’ll have learned russian for “up..and down… up and down” lol

khapa001 says:

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porcelainecat says:

oh men why..just why is this dubbed in another language…that’s such a pity I can’t understand a thing :(..and I can’t concentrate :((((

lovelydeath04 says:

I’d liek this in English please, I cannot concentrate when another voice is speaking in a whole different language, it throws a girl off her guard

ongkobambang2 says:

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Suhainy Schotborg says:

English pleaseee……

Manvendra Singh says:

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Kalyani Karthik says:

Have you seen “MAD Ripped Muscle?” (do a Google search for it) It is a quick way to bulk up fast.

yasameen1998 says:

theres an english one too! just not this same exact video!

ticdolourexx2008 says:

loved it…thank u

IrishKagura says:

thank you for posting, thank you!

Breanna Dash says:

its in russian ._.

2689karanchandra says:

my DI is dancin in same way now like a snake mesmerized by beauty

NaziaRaisa says:

type in “Arabic Belly Dance Basic Moves Part 01 of 04” for the English version. Thumbs up so everyone can see!

denisprowl says:

its still possible to learn even if its not in english just follow the moves and you’ll be fine! 🙂

aisygirl11 says:

CHILL THE FUCK OUT. I got dis-mutes and just does what they do-

Oanh Phuong says:

What is the name of music?

jazz ferns says:

r u twins?

Eve Harlowe says:

The overdub is unbearable !!!

Samantha Self says:

Holy mother of god that burns

Ольга Першина says:

I have just posted a cool Emoticon!

licis15 says:

Ugh its not in english :[

14physician says:

Wonder how they are doing in bed. whew.

imaddikins says:

AHEM, it’s Russian.

Virene Nguon says:

I love it so much…..

BigMek456 says:

the greeks are to poor to translate this.

PinkBumblebee21 says:

It’s kind of irritating that there are both Russian and English narrators, since I understand both. Having both at the same time though… I keep switching back and forth between from listening to the Russian to listening to the English without meaning to. It’s confusing me a bit- one of the speakers should be muted.

Camilo Ferreira says:

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Spyroulla Kamaris says:

shut up woman! I’m trying to hear the English!!!

NalanyaSilmaryl says:

Thats not Greek buddy.

RogueWarrior869 says:

The best belly dancers?
I’ve yet to see a belly dancer who looks they weigh much more than the women in this video. If you have names, I’m up for hearing them.

wizardofmadness says:

No, they don’t. If I name the best dancers, they’re not skinny

RogueWarrior869 says:

Actually, that’s how belly dancers look weight wise.

wizardofmadness says:

how do I filter the russian? or is this greek?

wizardofmadness says:

they need to gain some weight

Hope Mattice says:

Uhhhmmmmm is there an english version???

Iris Marie says:

the slower the movement the more you burn

pakistan6737 says:


bee2682 says:

Ugh the voice over is so annoying!

Peom1 says:

No pain no gain!

quely33 says:


adamivan1000 says:

Holla! Have you ever tried the Fat Blast Furnace (do a search on google)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cooworker shed insane amounts of flab.

Rosaland Harris says:

Love the video,but i would like to understand in English, please.

ty8zombiez says:

this video sucks ass.

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