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FOR STEP BY STEP CLASS ON LINE CLICK HERE : “If you’re not having fun, then you’re doing it wrong.” In this DVD you will learn a…


Mahesh Kumares says:

Hiya, have you experienced Max Muscle Extend? (look it up on Google) You will discover the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Max Muscle Extend, you will discover how to bulk up quickly.

bs yasmine says:

i like it 

Alysha Mays says:

It’s fullest, she’s saying to twist your wrists as much as you can.

Amira Mor says:

thank you . please visit my site video on line . you can down load into your computer and learn step by step. enjoy the journey to a true happiness. 🙂

education4u100 says:

Please mediaamiramor I want to learn belly dancing but i dont know where to start from. I love your video and am from Ghana. where should I start from. Can you help?

Lily Marsh says:

love this!

me52811 says:

ouch! yep that works!

anayssa8874 says:

im not fat i have abs but i gain all my weight to my arms & ive try’d everything from the gym to zumba, to everything with this really work?

Freya1824 says:

Excuse me, but can you tell me the word when you are saying: ” Make sure you twist your wrist to the f…. ” ? What is the last word please? Apologize me please, but Im not English 🙂

uaia007 says:

Hi, have you tried the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look for it on google). My dad told me it helps people lose pounds.

Morganna Lefay says:

wow she breaks it down very well, Thank you !

Amira Mor says:

it will help for sure , i call it A Delicious Pain :)

Theodora D. says:

THAT….. WAS… PAINFUL!! but i hope it helps:DD

koldusopera says:

it’s Hungarian Rapsody!!!!!! Brahms

koldusopera says:

it’s Hungarian Rapsody!!!!!!

Jezalov says:

Oh hey! Have you heard about the Fat Blast Furnace (do a google search)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my cousin shed tons of fat.

MisulkaFranc says:

first song is very very nice – name please????

7MantaraY1 says:


CassandraMusik says:

ouch!!!.. where is the rest

bishal684 says:

Hiyaaaa! Have you ever tried – fast abs magic (do a google search)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my father got ripped Six pack abs and lost tons of fat with it.

Eka Villanueva says:

really helpful need to tone my arms!!

Amira Mor says:

its DELICIOUS PAIN …keep praciticing , it will get easier and your arms will look beautiful , keep chest up at all time to strengthen yoru abs as well

Marie Borges says:


Joe11K says:

absolutely love this! Just trying to get back in to belly dance after 4 years off! This is perfect to get my technique back on track.. and love how it hurts, I know its working them good haha! thank you 🙂 xxx

adsocrate1 says:

it is Mozart – Symphony 40 in G min …but I don’t know ..this version

tahormina says:

Excellent!! Thank you…

Amira Mor says:

Dulcamara 🙂 keep practicing , you will get stronger i promise

MsBouncy221 says:

i just seen her- true she GOT IT!

luli237 says:

i love the music… does someone knows the name of that song???

huongss says:

So beautiful

Alessandralischka says:

Thank you so much!!!

PIwaves1 says:

Bravo! amma men ele bildim tekce qollar haqqinda olacaq bir az qarishiq oldu neyse kecdi Superiydi 🙂

PIwaves1 says:

I’m Azeri so i like arabian music, dance, culture etccccccc )))))))))))))

PIwaves1 says:

i like only 3 part )) shoulder, elbow and wrist hahaha :d

Ladyhawkwright says:

oh my arms and shoulders!

RebecaRobertson says:

This is very good! If any of you are familiar with Neena and Veena Bidasha’s videos, you should go check out peridokitty’s channel. She is a bellydancer, and began learning using their video series.

Abz MZ says:

This is such a basic exercise ! Lol But it’s good for that reason, it’s the basics. =) But this is NOTHING compared to the arm exercise I had to do tonight in my belly dance class ! XD This is like a breather, a relaxation compared to what I did ! XD

NDno123 says:

man my sholders!!!

04Ammy04 says:

bahhh my wrists!

allstar00442288 says:

I really appreciate how well you broke this down, now I finally have the basic moves I can work from. Thanks a million! You’re the best.

mslenah says:

ooooooooh, my arms!!!! i guess i was doing it right! lol! where can i get the full video because i’m new to bellydance and obbviously need to strengthen my arms.

davina212 says:

lol concentrate…… on the workout!! dont be tempted by the scarves lol.. althought they are nice!!!

annanoga3 says:

rewelacja ;-)

NessaGhouliful says:

lol exact time I was starting to hurt too

artistgraphic says:

Start look on ebay…

richissime says:

where can I find the hip scarves that the girls wear in this clip ??

CCard83 says:

“If your shoulders hurt, you’re doing it right.” … That came just as I was thinking, MAN my shoulders hurt!

minanami87 says:

Ive just started practicing everyday, feel so great. thank you!

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