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The Brazil soccer team has some big support from one of its smallest citizens. Quickly becoming a YouTube sensation, a Brazilian baby dancing the samba on th…


hifnkymhj says:


zenobia mcgruder says:

He is not fake

amck72 says:

How many babies do you know that dance like this ?

BigKdYungsta says:

That’s a huge baby… Naw that’s a midget

Victor Jacomini Fonseca says:


1stlegendarybeast says:

Are the boy in love

1stlegendarybeast says:

it is cool 🙂

Sophia cuevas says:

this is so cute

mystery8guy says:

If u have ever been around kid’s you can easily see if its fake or real..

ceanamalone says:

It.doesnt look fake…

Catherine Mitchell says:

This just looks fake, he’s not moving like any human would. He looks animated.

Yassoo Mina says:

c’mon he’s not dancing anything he’s just a baby, and this is how all humans react to music, u hear a good rhythm and u automatically wanna move with the beat !!

imprezatuner says:

Its not fake you retarded turk. Get out of baklava and use your brains if you got any.

morriganmetal says:

its in his blood! all people from brazil can dance really well

JonasGasparMartins says:

Not samba fuck is Axe, samba in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Axe is the popular music of Bahia!

Ed Grey says:

He is old enough to dance samba.. but not old enough to loose the diapers…

Damian Hunt says:

I love you

x8kiki8x says:

wow…calm the fuck down…

chigasaki06 says:

People who think this is fake are people who don’t have rythm. Because they don’t have rythm, its inconcievable that a baby could move to the beat. The kid is freakin Brazillian, it’s in his blood.

MrRedspy8 says:

not fake

michelle wyatt says:

wow talent. dnce to mr. vagas bruckit down. some r made 4 football and others proud of him pple! <3

Thiago de Tal says:

0:56 – “Iss ne samba!” (this is not samba!)

Damian Hunt says:

Yeah lets put our baby on the table and have him go crazy. There is no way he will fall or anything. Sounds totally safe

markquelboyd says:

This is bad

maliahdew says:


fischotze says:

hes got strings between his fingers, its a FAKE! xD

thephaseshifter says:

lol .. indead, wtf 

Skyrilla says:

Ohhh shit, here comes the next Fred Astaire.

Meghan Pfau says:

That kids gonna be on so you think you can dance in like 15 years

thephaseshifter says:

oke.. but its not special .. :S dont know why this video is so populair

Tosif Ali says:


AhhTania says:


Lolbomba12 says:

i hope that that baby gets aids!

Choclatcotton says:

Commentator needs to shut up and stop the cursing

Marianne Bergwerf says:

Duuuhhh… The baby is brazilian! Offcourse he can dance. By the way, a guy who can not dance is not sexy to me at all… Doesn’t matter how cute he looks. My boyfriend could not dance when I met him. When we were dating he was starting to get dance classes. Now he loves it!! And we are together now for 5 years!! Yeeaahhh …

DBrazilianBeauty says:

that is a baby!! people are just sadly jealous, there’s nothing wrong with dancing. it is so common in Brazil. people can be ignorant. just because this baby is a dancer and a good one , it doesn’t mean he will be a professional dancer.

lablabujan says:

super talent

coltsfanin812 says:

Potty train or dance lessons… Awesome choice parents.

megu10008787 says:

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silvermarmaidprinces says:

That kid has a seriously good looking future… O.O

MrMintChoc says:

wtf was up with those subtitles

cookiesfrommoon says:

thats not samba.

JoJoBeebe says:

Whoop der it is!

munchiesthemonkey says:

It looks like a toddler wearing a daiper, parents trying to give the impression of a baby dancing. Not very amazing.

jatzy says:

you guys are idiots. of course it could be faked. but i doubt that it was.

megumegukokusyou says:

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justin123115 says:


Louis Pinder says:

really funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :{]

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