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Arabic Belly Dance Fat Burning Part 01 of 04. by Media Production. Learn the art of Arabic Work Out in simple steps and remain heath and fit…


anuradha roy says:

its really a fantastic dance. i want to learn. i am 32 years old indian woman. what to do?

Iwan Rahayu says:

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Lucia Keyis says:

nice outfits

Zheng Gao says:

Saw Dr Oz 2 weeks back. Dancing burns more fat and calories than running and walking. Great Sharing Thanks Ziggy Rafiq

Zadiel Sasmaz says:

look at my channel 😉
my new bellydance DVD here:

raju ray says:

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iliyan borisov says:

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barin s says:

can i get the name background music

kiramber says:

I’ve dusted the DVD’s off today, and man I’m unfit!! Haven’t used it in years! I lost weight faster with this fat burner than zumba. So how many calories do you recon does this fat burner burn?

LovedbyKenubus says:

I have been doing zumba,just dance on the wii and belly dancing and for January I lost 13 pounds and my thighs are smaller..I have to change it up everyday if I dont I get bored,lazy and wont want to workout..

LovedbyKenubus says:

my belly dancing teacher has some of their cds and some of the songs on the workout dvds are on there…

Gayan Vithanage says:

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Nathalia Rondon says:

It’s perfect!

Spade8Heart7 says:

“jump-jump twist jump-jump twist jump-jump twist jump-jump twist!” aah. I’M dying! xD

Maire Juana says:

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Marzya Habibi says:

This is a great! i am doing it every morning! thanks to you two!

jhony patel says:

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MrDipu2221 says:

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Jenny Suarez says:

are they twins? they really look great… I love the way they move…

Phoenix A.Jones says:

I love these girls! 😀

GwendolynRaine says:

You never know until you…Well, break your neck trying!

Shakeena Walker says:

i love this

sofia d says:

the movements how they start is so beautiful

AngelCruzrulez1 says:

Anyone kno the sonq att 0:06 .? Plz .?((:

maria bukhari says:

how do they manage smile while doing this

jhiovannyaguirre says:


Kyia Basco says:

the freakin ankle thing freaks me out…I can’t do that shit

buda baap says:

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MsLizzie50 says:

I bymistakely disliked instead of liking your comment -_-‘

AleksandarRed says:

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TazimMorshed123 says:

d stretches creeped me out…”’-_-

Animefreak193 says:

The act so fake when they talk..

qwertyz15 says:

Yeah, smile at those laughing people. Then make them try!

RegeneSlim LoseWeight says:

Awesome video.

talusan909 says:

Excellent approach to overall conditioning (physical and mental). Skill and talent learn here is meaningful and can last for a long time as it is form of expresssing ones emotion thru dancing. The general effort is mellow to the joints and muscles and at the same time excellent cardio excercise. Additionally, it is entertaining to people who watch you dance and bring smiles to their face.

OrientalAngel1 says:

@467Daisy 😉 Yup! Even men who’ve ‘decided’ that they,for some ignorant reason,don’t like people from the middleeast,wether it’s jews,muslims,etc..sit there with their jaw wide open when they experience a prof.bellydancer live! I’ve seen it many times.. 😉 Very amusing! -Also,it’s GREAT workout..I can only recommend it. Regards 🙂

mira obik says:

veldig lette på foten må jeg si, håper dette virker, lærer no danse moves uansett. skulle gjerne hatt håret de har og

467Daisy says:

i can imagine..i see these women dancing n im like whoo hawt..n im a i can def. imagine men’s reactions !!! haha

renae young says:

can i have their hair?… for like a day?

OrientalAngel1 says:

Belly dancing is so much fun,I’ve been dancing for 9 years now,and girls,your boyfriend will love it,trust me 😉

nature1053 says:

This was very interesting to watch. Thank you so much for posting.
Blessed Be!!
Syker 🙂

dormghost says:

how much calories do we burn for each session?

Ljupce Donev says:

Hello, have you thought about the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (check google). My cousin insists it helps people feel great with little effort.

cinder0001 says:

I’ve been doing this for over a year 5 days a week and lost 90lbs. It does work, but you do have to keep up with it, and cut down calories for it to be effective, like any other exercise routine. It does take more than 3 weeks to notice a real change though, but quitting that soon in, you won’t see the real results.

Nazanin Sedighi says:

how long did it take you

Choco Pocky says:

it makes you sweat a lot that I can say, must do something right?, you just wont see results right away I guess, dont just rely on these videos , do something aside to compliment the work out

iFellFromTheSky0 says:

Fucking exhausted -.-

Jasmin G. says:

how long did it take you

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