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Arabic Belly Dance Basic Moves.


ching yi Cheung says:

me as well

Jackie Li says:

Great video!

cora gucor says:

perfect move

Filip Tcaci says:

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Filip Tcaci says:

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snitch014 says:

thank you

9971zebra says:

sexy tuition!

Vitahlani says:

Great videos thank you!

sycamoreleaves74 says:

How can something so simple looking be so painful!?! Great job and a wonderful workout.

ScrapySweet says:

I love those videos. Been doing this for 3-4 years now. So good!

Yavor Stankov says:

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Caren John says:

awsum dance…bt a lot of practice required..! part 4..!

Jenny Suarez says:

OMG! this part 4……

Jenny Suarez says:

maybe you need to move more faster..

Takahoshi Yamatoi says:

then that means you did it right it doesnt always mean you get a good workout when you break a sweat no if it is easy for you then do it :3 it just means u wont feel as much soreness like you would other activities i can do it now without feeling sore my body just was not used to the type of dancing i was doing then my muscles finally got used to it and helped me slim a bunch

GwendolynRaine says:

I liked this! Some of the moves were hard for me, but it’d be interesting for me to see what kind of results I would get from doing this on a regular basis. Great video guys!

hollaladyyyy says:

i love it!!! thats amazing!

nysbaddestbitch518 says:

prob you’re in good shape it doesnt hurt me either prob depends on how flexible you are/ endurance ability

roesco says:

my arms, abs & legs are sore. i tore a ligament in my left foot 2 months ago, can no longer hike/jog but now i found this & its the first time in 8 weeks i’ve broken a sweat. THANKS! will be doing this daily 🙂

Andrea Katherine Pinto Martinez says:

I was dripping sweat by the second video!!!

YANA A.H says:

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Samantha Govender says:

Hi you are doing it right . I am not sore or break a sweat . If you go to the more advanced level , you will probably beak a sweat just a little . It is the way your body reacts to this exercise . But probably you need to drink water .

haribohnen says:

which awesome instrument at the beginning??

theblackrose0267 says:

i dont think im doing it right, it doesnt hurt to do any of these i didnt even break a sweat, while everyone else here says it made them sore. does any one know why its doing that? or what i could be dong wrong??? pls and thx

sarah nelson says:

omg this was hard on the arms lol

Elissa Binion says:

Ive been doing this everyday for about 3 days and I could already see a difference. I have more energy and my abs are tightening up and I am also sore! But I’ll keep doing it!

Marty Marsh says:

That was sp much fun.  That I will do again shorty!!!

nikadawn97 says:

Such a great workout! Thanks!

Di Az says:

thank you every much for the vids!!!

xxHydi says:

I love this. I just went through all four.

Garwintje says:

Lol no cause i try the other ones too and i’m doing this only 2/3 times a week, the other days are boxing and fitness:p. my results are (with my other sports) a flat stomach and you get a bit abs, but nice abs:). lol yea the first time i did that one i was covered in sweat i thought i was dieing haha but after a view times doing it your condition is getting better and you even enjoy doing it 🙂 xoxo

Melissa Herrera says:

thanks for the videos since today ill do it 🙂

Toastwig says:

that’s amazing commitment. just did this for the first time and loved it 🙂 do you ever get sick of it haha? do you do the other one, the fat burning one? after the sweat i got from this one i’m a tad scared. 😛 What results have you seen? xo

kllrsdonthurtfeelngs says:

You two are AMAZING. Seems as though you’ve been dancing since childhood…I don’t think I need to bother searching for bellydance tutorial from anyone else and will definitely be looking into more of your videos!

Megara says:

Try stretching after you’ve warmed up, every day. I have gained like 5 inches already, just from warming up and stretching every single day. Sometimes I don’t work out, just warm and stretch =^ v ^=

DragOnAndOn says:

Danced with you all the way through. Hubs worked out with me. We were so crap, but had fun and we’ll definitely do this again. More please!

Garwintje says:

And after a year i’m still doing this :d just saw that i am the top comment didn’t even noticed that lol. 🙂

Garwintje says:

then try to hit the ground:P

TheValeribee says:

I am doing this everyday now

S. S. Lee says:

Thank you for the very clear demo

Anahataflower says:

that at 3:39 is also actually also a yoga kriya 🙂

Yasmin Nicole says:

ROFLLLLL word ._. for that one, I just sat down …

Neira Zuly says:

How long do you need to dothis too loose, i don’t know, 10 pounds?

Samantha González says:

and… sooooo relaxing!!!! … now I don’t want to do laundry… boo…. hehehe

Samantha González says:

THANK YOU!!!! I love to exercise daily with you… your videos are great!!! =)

Beata Lehka says:


MrVeelon says:

usualy when you can’t reach the toes then just reach as far as you can then do the leg exersises

Aribluepants says:

This is awesome! Just did the whole workout very impromptu and I love it! I want to get the whole thing and keep practicing! (My bf would love to watch ;D)

Hope Sincere says:

This work out is so nice its very soft core for those who don’t exercise much and it works out the tensions in the shoulders and neck nicely I feel so relaxed.

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