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learn arabic Belly Dance Basic Moves in easy step.


shukrii16 says:

i look like some crazy idiot
its too difficult nd i think im also dling it wrong my hips move

MrJerodhoard says:

They are so beautiful!

حنين جابر says:


Seira Rodrguez says:

thi is great i loe this dance so much

Jhericód Bryan Lee Mendoza Gaspar says:


BeautifulLife124 says:


Thomas Smith says:

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GwendolynRaine says:

No. I’m a 130lbs and the same thing happens to me. I’m thinking we both just need a better sports bra.

Jenny Suarez says:

i can punch my shoulder forwards if its one by one but not both 🙁

RavenBlackfrost says:

Every time I “punch” my shoulders forwards, my whole front bounces. Am I doing it wrong, or am I just fat?

RavenBlackfrost says:

I feel like an idiot, but enjoy myself at the same time. I’m also hoping this will help me lose weight, as I need to lose about 30ibs because of a medical condition. Blegh.

manquala says:

try loosening up when youre trying, dont focus on what youre doing, just move. 🙂 it might help.

mickie825 says:

my back keeps popping and i feel like i look ridiculous. memoriiiieees Xd

MsNords says:

I Love it, I’m getting a workout while feeling relaxed.

Csadel delaSerna says:

What is the music title?:)) please.

iloveeastenders2 says:

u should leran us belly moves not exerciz

Chapis Betanzo says:

Omg I know riqht D:

Ehya Sena says:

learning belly dance online…hohooo

animeandanimals says:

hard to do with a bad shoulder

M3taph0r13L says:

LOL Their smile so creepy

Faiza Afzal says:

boobs to big to do the shimmy lool XD

Yoshida Ayomi says:

its very simple -_-

Angelique Hensen says:

I Cant do t either 😉 i think i miss some muscles (the headslide )

Shweta Uprety says:

this video has helped me so much….its not only my daily work out but it actually gives a basic knowladge on belly dancing..the music is so grt…..i love getting up for it…..just love it

kimab5489 says:

I was about to write the same thing. My breasts just start leading the way.

denisprowl says:

yes you can do it just use your imagination 😀

denisprowl says:

yes keep practicing; I was frustrated like you but when I kept practicing sticking to this workout, that’s when things changed my body changed, just gotta keep practicing…..

Melissa Herrera says:

thanks alot 🙂 now i can practice without paying hehe 🙂 thanks

GulZoraKhan says:

i know my shoulder cant punch 🙁

wilderulz says:

This is really neat so far! I’m feeling it in places that I wouldn’t normally exercise.
Though next time I need to wear a strong bra while doing this… That shimmy!! >.<

Catherine Klassen says:

If anyone is having a lot of trouble with this workout, I would suggest trying the Belly Dance Workout (look for aqua outfits like the ones in this video and a CREEPY instructor lady) posted by StartToLoseWeight. I did that one for a week first before I tried this one, which is harder. Belly Dance Workout isn’t really belly dancing, but it works out a lot of the muscles you need for this one and it’s a lot simpler. I LOVE this video! I might even buy the next one in their series. 😀

IrishKagura says:

can anyone help me with the moves at 4:15 ( ribe slides) and moving the head back &forth (right/ left/ side to side) no matter how hard I try I just can’t do these :'(
P.S. the know the head slide isn’t in this vid…..I think it’s the 1st vid……

LunaVART says:

I had to watch the first video twice to get it right, I’m not giving up! Thank you for your encouraging words =)

ttiffanymariee says:

I agree iwth the other person, I do it really slow & pause the video untille I really get one movre, tehn keep going and start going at their pace

Megara says:

Try going slow at first, then picking up speed. 🙂

KGarza2323 says:

So I had a lot of difficulty with this too and I found it was a little easier to pop my shoulders backwards rather than forward. Pull your shoulders back with the muscles close to the middle of your shoulder blades. I know this is probably bad technique but it looks very similar to what the girls in the video are doing, and it helps to make the muscles more supple so that eventually popping forward won’t be so hard and will come naturally. 🙂 Hope I helped.

in2ennui says:

This is difficult (for me), I imagine as difficult as it must be for these two to keep smiling crazily throughout… I was good till about a minute in when they started shoulder ‘punches’…

SuperFrocky says:

Best way is a mirror you can see where you going wrong and self correct. If you have a dvd player you can have the video on too, but most of us aren’t that lucky, I don’t have a giant mirror near me, but you can practice in the bathroom, (Without the dvd player of course)

kaizokuprincess says:

gracias! me servirá para sacarme las tenciones ^^

pinkstrawberrypig says:

This is such shi– ALL HAIL THE HYPNO TWINS O__O

noor kammona says:

you should say an arab … not arabic … arabic = language, arab = ethnicity, if he’s a muslim … that’s a horrible thing for him …

91ashleylover says:

Ha. My boyfriends Arabic.

leon rodes says:

YOUTUBE-shiamak summer 2012 alene

05deeps says:

Absolutely, as a thirteen year old you will have a lot more flexibility, make it a habit and it will be easy to stay fit as you grow older.

Hanan Ismael says:

I think it’s easier if you put you hand on your hips

sweetiebelle100 says:

im 12,and at school im known as the indian dancer

mammorusempai says:

Is this okay for a thirteen year old to do? Lol, I’m just wondering, because I really like belly dancing.

solamenteperikita says:

Una verdadera maravilla y me sirve como relax tambien, ademas de aprender a bailar.

Adam Man says:

Crisis In The Congo: Uncovering The Truth.

CocoDelicious42 says:

7:40 bring it around town…

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