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Andressa Soares.


alexi vega says:

i love this woman ”fuck baby”

keverinkarama says:

Brazil is where it’s at!!

100kidane says:

This is how women should look, any one who say fat or sorting should hung him self!

Jorge Casanova says:

Andressa is AWESOME 

sahlar ismailov says:

big ass super

Pablo Ramirez says:

Ayudanos china nos invade!!
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calentano6 says:

Qué culototote!. Mujeres: este es el tipo de hembra que a los hombres nos gusta!. Carne por todos lados sobre todo unas nalgas inmensas y naturales

LuchoGFly says:

beyonce got nothing on andressa!

London28147 says:

I second that lol

TheTexano89 says:

Wow k culaso k rikota se menea ESA mami mmmmm

melody valdivia says:

lol what a tease I love her! xD

PearMartini1 says:

If that was fat it would be jiggling a lot more. She is a curvy woman with muscle. Believe it or not but muscle makes curvy women look more curvy.

Papin Omar says:

what a beautiful body ………(ass) ^^

wetnoodleslapper says:

It pisses me off how in America she would be called fat. Most Americans have no concept of what a woman should look like. This woman’s body is AMAZING. Fuck those stick figures we got here im moving to South America.


esta bien buena esta mas buena del planeta

MegaMark182 says:

nao tem nada de bom nessa gorda

genestarwindjf80 says:


latinomalenurse says:

check out her other stuff, damn she looks even hotter on Velocidade….

poopshoot36401 says:

this is black kyrptonite

StanDenz Adam says:

brazilian girls is the best, wow ooooooooo to sexy body the best ooooommmmmm……

LeaveJordanAlone says:

dumb idiots call her fat…. psh yeah right. she is not fat. she is dangerously curvy and has a consistent exercise routine.

Hector Cubillos says:

hay que tener una herramienta grande para ella si , hacerla feliz


pues si me la cojo

playstation3game says:

watching her turn me on more then when i watch porn

DeMetrick Smith says:

look at the dude in the front….lol

Hector Cubillos says:




sahin altunkilic says:

god damnt i want her 

baorichy7 says:

1:28 is the best part…

carlos flores says:

Woooooooooooooooowww ke digo brasil Es el pais con mujeres ermosas y ke cuerpasos tienen wooooooooooooow

Gordon Wilson says:

Wouldn’t mind finding those thighs in my Christmas stocking.Ooooh Matron.

peterzen12 says:

OK, OK,. I’ll marrry you.

Leobardo Colula says:

Si verdad q culazo mua

TVlandFill says:

This is why I keep Baby Wipes next to my computer.

wendy1985ify says:

se imaginan al cabron k se anda empinando ese culazo…. no mames algo izo en su otra vida k dios lo bendijo kon un culisimo como este…

Not No says:

She’s gotten waaay to fat.

kalibrado ale says:

mc creu is a singer and the song name is danca do creu, if want more of her search for= mulher melancia=

Dwayne Harris says:

what song is this

brethart31k says:

si yo me volveria a casar seria con una de BRAZIL q son fabulosas

brethart31k says:

estas mujeres de Brazil como son una combinacion de raza blanca y negras tienen esos cuerpasos q a todos alocan q viva BRAZIL

nick62040 says:

What happened to her calves?

nuffsd says:

All I can say is CotDamn ! But, doesnt dude in the background singing the song sound like Arnold Swarzenneger ?????

Latinliquid says:

I want her panties for a tea bag!!

MultiLex101 says:

A couple of jealous women and maybe some faggots.

ENice214 says:

I’m willing to start the bid @ 100 American Dollars -_-

liljolt says:

can somebody tell me the name of the song n who sing it

alb91111 says:

what a goddess i stop it at :52 and get on my knees to worship her

Jordan Bennett says:

no no…a who dislike this?

hewhoslapshoes says:

@Emagik77 This chick aint black tho

arash99999 says:

is she the queen of ass?

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