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Dear Friends, Unicornorosso offers a video of a beautiful and extraordinary dancer known by connoisseurs of belly dance: Rahel. The video, published courtesy…


Aarees Alrees says:

and am love her with you also

Mr. Aarees
[email protected]

Masira Khan says:

she totally blew the secnd half……..terrible job with the curtain!!!! pathetic

maccamellia says:

Her shimmy is amazing. that tires me out just watching it. beautiful dancing

Allie S says:

How on earth does she so that quivering thing?! It’s so cool!

yasminah87 says:

superb rahel great smile!!

jayanadam says:


Jesse Gill says:

looks like rachel roxx to me

Jaiprakash5 says:


adnoble says:

wow, she is smokin!

avric yudian says:


fantesizer says:

“Warda” from the Bellydance Superstars albums

glamour11ella says:

anyone know the name of the first song?

Walter Niggli says:

Absolute perfection. The performance is achieved absolutely perfect and shown here with an ease that! Very surprised, I’ve seen many ünegwöhnlich but so perfectly the first time Bravo I bow my head before the power

imfree20 says:


farooq ahmad says:


skylar gardner says:

awesomeee, soo good loookinggg

Cora Turner says:

really loved it! Does anyone know the name of the first song?

Amit Agrawal says:

Loved it..awesome..mind blowingg…

Keith Clarke says:

RAHEL is a great Belly Dancer, I love how she moves that HOT BEAUTIFUL SEXY body of hers. I even love it when she bends backwards.

Yamina Boase says:

Her passion is shining through her eyes, what a beautiful dancer to watch! She is perfect!

Keith Clarke says:

RAHEL is without a doubt a gem in the art Belly Dancing. Rahel has a beautiful face and body, and is perfect from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. She is so HOT and SEXY, and is a great belly dancer, I’d love to have her as my own personal Belly Dancer.

mohdalisyed says:

Perfect!!! from head to toe!
no other way to say it

Lilo Bellydancer says:

very beautiful face

Jasey357 says:

take that shakira!

Abz MZ says:

She’s very beautiful!!

xxo0ShiSunshinexxo0 says:

she’s gorgeous

Ray Eli says:

MY NAME IS RAHEL TOO !! i thought i was the only one (relived)

indersaxena says:


Luis Saldarriaga says:

simply beautifull

nana nouna says:


bellydancerocks321 says:

Her dress and that purple veil are really pretty.

justforonelastkiss says:


Dalim Barbhuiya says:

beauty ,expression and dance superb

liarssurroundme says:

I wouldn’t say that to her! Why not buy her a class/session for her birthday or something? I bet she would enjoy it!

TheOrientaledance says:

Très jolie!!! Bravo

6am4L says:


supreetjaisal says:

very professional….very composed expressions…gem of belly dance indeed.

abcd6853 says:

Good performance

lrwiersum says:

Wow! She is good!

Keith Clarke says:

I love how Rahel moves her body as she does her belly dance, she is so sexy and hot.

magnamous10 says:

She is agreat dancer i have ever seen

waddlecaudle13 says:

She has one lucky boyfriend / husband. Wish my girlfriend could move like that

Mohsin Ijaz says:

In short: I felt like the MUSIC is being made on her DANCE… Not the dance on music!

Simply incredible 🙂

Janardhan Sundriyal says:

Amazing beauty and dance too…!

Robyn Gemma says:

My hero! O_O

ZeinaSereia10 says:

she has sensuality, beauty and elegance all at the same time

twiggycandy says:

wow this is amazing. I wish I could dance like that!

daeveg says:

OMG! Rahel, you are amazing! That was one of the hottest bellydances I think I’ve ever seen. I think I’m in love! 😉

sarasalek says:

ik moet zeggen ik heb betere buikdanseressen zien dansen….

sudulamaya says:


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