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This is an amazing performance of Capoeira by Dance Brazil, choreographed and directed by Jelon Vieira. Absolutely fantastic!


jonas santos santos says:

muito boa apresentação massa

jp19815 says:

O berimbau nao e’ um instrumento brasileiro! E’ originalmente de Angola (marimba), como e’ a capoeira tambem!!!

GejayAce says:

Its a dance that can woop your ass lol

Bence Kakucsi says:

I do capoeira too, and my opinion is that on the lower levels, with less experience, it is not the best, and it is still useful, but is you master it, every single kick, every defence, evasion, throws and when you get to the higher belts (graduado and up) you will kick any ass that comes at you. Sorry for bad english if it was bad

jonatascalves1 says:

the name is berimbau. is a Brazilian instrument

Yannick Messaoud says:

Impressive and athletic. I love it

tubanton says:

muy bueno. alguien sabe como se llama el instrumento que entra al minuto 1:17? una guitarra? un cuatro? como se llama la cancion?
alguem sabe como se chama o instrumento que entra no minuto 1:17? e uma guitarra o que coisa?
favor de decir suena con mucha energia
gracias. ‘brigado

SuperPizzaWarrior says:

you are wrong , i di to capoeira that what they do is show 🙂 in a real fight they have more attention :)and faster kicks

MCShvabo says:

No, they realize, that is why they dissliked

OreadNYC says:

Watching this, it’s not too hard to imagine that capoeira might have provided at least some of the inspiration for breakdancing.

RaqueteQuizumba says:


LublinFighter says:

Mistrzostwo świata

stinkert100 says:


kattykillfish says:

I like his pants

ChibiXLove2000 says:

That’s what capoeira is.. A mix of martial arts and dance. It originated from slaves who were unable to be seen fighting, but they wanted to learn to defend themselves so they disguised it as a dance. It mostly uses movements involving the legs because their hands would have been bound together.

CaliFlyz says:

talking about fighting on a dance video lol

Javier Hinojosa says:

Try to do 1 of those jumps against a Muay Thai fighter and you are dead.

handheldace says:

car’s also weren’t ment to hurt people as well 0_0

ashleah sheath says:

Ilearnt this at school.. really good for fitness and flexability!

valedabru says:


damielaisthebest says:

eddy has sick finishing moves…i just remember pressing x and square on my psp loads of times lol

Jonathan Lima says:


geekoguigeeko1231 says:

um…its not ment to hurt people o.o so it technically cant o.o

blknight1234 says:

look up how to jinga in youtube it will get ya started ive been doin it for like 2-3 years still am kind of sloppy =p but it takes many years like kung fu or any other type of fighting style just rember its all about taking things slow and at a steady beat

Eric Jay says:


Zen Afrociberdélico says:

Os Angoleiros do Sertão – Agosto de 2011 ( 2º video – contra-master Xandão vs Blanca) (search on youtube)

Capoeira Athens – Mestre Cobra Mansa com Monitor Dudu (youtube)

mestre Cobra Mansa e Pinguim de ouro (youtube)

Sorry for my bad English. lol

Zen Afrociberdélico says:

I know you all like this capoeira with white pants and drawstring waist. You like to see jumps. But that is capoeira “for the gringo to see”, as we say in Brazil. (“gringo” it’s a slang. It means foreigner). It’s show. It’s capoeira regional. There are two types of capoeira: ANGOLA and REGIONAL. The practitioner of capoeira can jump. But the jumps do not define capoeira. Capoeira is a game of strategy, intelligence and vitality, strength.

Javier Gonzalez says:

I bet when the lights went off someone got kicked haha jk jk

selectajay2000 says:

Now u know where B-Boying came from..peace

maverick48911 says:

I was waiting for the guy from Never Back Down to run in there a land a superman punch.

niconikko says:

I could say nothing but the word, AWESOME

SuplanterSB says:

actually you can perform it as a dance,but can be used as a martial art too,dancing caopeira is different of fighting capoeira

SexyWhiteKorean says:

This is beautiful. By the way, it’s not gay that I say this as a male. Learn to appreciate true art, instead of that booty jiggling hip hop dancing in America. That’s just sick….

mangoKush12 says:

every time i see a capoeira video i get a strong urge to watch “only the strong”

dumpon yoo says:

well what you all need to understand is that non-Blacks are trying to steal the art from Black people… and their interpretation is not the same as it’s founder/creators.. If you go to Angola then You will see how powerful this Art can be. I have seen it myself.. It’s guarded and they don’t show everyone

888167 says:

Thahahah watch and learn:

Marcus Viny Coelho says:

You are wrong!I fight capoeira and I challenge any person fighting a different style to show what is the real capoeira…This is the most complete style where you use all members of your body…try to know better this fight sir!

chirunthruit says:

yep, 2 kinds – Regional & Angola

Wanderson Miranda says:

it was created by the slaves and since they were watched 24/7 thru dancing was the only way they could avoid the master to see that they were developing a martial art and i believe there are 2 types of capoeira.

nanky432 says:

its plena…

Jaymes Crain says:

lets not forget that brazil won there freedom using capoeria… just saying…. capoeria is a martial art and it is effectiveinthe sense no martial art is any good unless the person using it has taken the time to perfect the art, and with capoeria it takes a little longer to be good enough to fight with it

lordswit6666 says:

its fascinating to watch.. but then if you are hit by those kicks.. just say hi to the doctor.. its too fascinating to watch.. so i can say that it is a dance.. a dance that can kick my ass hahaha

Hang Long says:

I don’t think CAPOEIRA should be considered as martial arts…more like performing arts. It performs better than most martial arts, but in reality, you probably get yours ass kicked for using it…lol!

PS3campers says:

It sucks ive only been doing capoeira for 9 months and i wish i could do this

colinbluewood says:

my favorite part was when he flipped.

shikari23 says:

name of the song in second half pls

SOADfan1825 says:

cardio of GOD!

cristina latina says:

for the first half thier not even doing capoiera, there just tumbling, but i liked the 2nd half

tuyguy55 says:

’tis a shame that not enough people think like you in this type of view

TheAmazingQuickScope says:

Can he do it like Eddy Baker does it

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