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Dancer: ———————————————————————————————- Facebook Fan Page: Dancer: All Members Of Last Legacy ( Union Brazil Dancers) *Shuffle, Free step, Dubstep* Members In Order: Spectrum (Shuffle) Topera (Shuffle) Drakor (Free step) Nexus (Free Step) Sinyx (Dubstep) Zeux (Dubstep)


Lucas Jesus says:

No. This is a dancing channel in general.

dABiGfATLol says:

wtf? its shuffling and free step. or c-step. ==’

somertomful says:

This channel is of dubstep!

Co Oliver says:

A bunch of jumping around

DubStepSensation says:

kkkkkkkkk im bro

nicholas shawn says:

6 dancers collab that’s some nice break dancing moves u got there

Christian Miranda says:

i hate shuffling, it looks like your stepping on cockroaches or ants.

heregonz says:

4:15-4:47 there’s this guy directing traffic lol

nukeurhouse12 says:

gotta say..this channel has so many cool videos, and they work hard to make them..This channel deserves so much more…in terms of views and guys need to expand somehow!..i ll let my friends know so they can sub!

Bruno Verch says:

O primeiro e o segundo dançam estranho,mas o resto e dançam muito bem!!!

DubStepSensation says:

é foda agente criar algo novo pro povo e povo fica criticando -____-

umatonetu says:

shuffle? Jump??? Posing???!!! omg, i hate this… sorry, but its shit.

Andrew Chan says:

That is some amazing shuffling! Keep it up!


I like how the group incorporates free step, shuffling, and dubstep thats really cool

Andrew Pugh says:

Wow..gotto say its one of the worst uploads ive seen from you lol

GabrieL ZeuX PompeU says:

Tipo…VocÊ ? ah não né….;\ você só sabe julgar enquanto agente treina para cada vez melhorar ,,,bitch please ¬¬

kaioborges1 says:

Ja viram o samba do criolo doido? AEUEUHEUHEH

Pablo Rodrigues says:

my pants were falling in the day, was unbelted, and rehearsed with a song and another because there was a song I had rehearsed; so do not give to make a good income.
by: Nexus (FreeStep BR)

derotta1 says:

the shuffle etc was ok but the dubstep kinda weird

gregory122000 says:


DubStepSensation says:

Inveja é foda kkkkkkk 

123alexrulez says:

It’s like they’re getting ready to rave

xPTKxx says:

Nao merecia estar ai .. tem videos de BR melhores #Deslike

Johannes Roos says:

0_0* wow………

elbarny92 says:

and you guyss got a F+

UpiMusic says:

1:30 to start

GabrieL ZeuX PompeU says:

É nois no ITMR KARAAAAIO , quem manda nessa porra é o Brasil u-u sqn UAHSUSHU #BRASILMANO !!

rafael rueda says:

de la verga

darmsdnk says:

The last two dancers should slow down a lot. Every move was rushed and suffered by looking sloppy

Johnta White says:

Dope keep it up

DubStepSensation says:

? 2 dancer free step 2 dancers dubstep e 2 dancer shuffler = 6 ^^

Jeric Gambon says:

Shuffling: kicking the shit out of the floor.

CheckMyDecor says:

One question… Where is the Six Flags Man!?

RevolutionTeamFS says:

é nois mano o melhor FREE STEP é Brasileiro (:

Lasthapazard says:

Hardstyle shuffle is epic

joikokira says:

srry guys but the suffeling for me its too easy i prefer locking and popping but nice anyway ^^

mateus vahl says:

Free step is the style of electronic dance more popular here in Brazil.
Since electronic dances here are not very well known.

Ty itsMRich for uploading a video from my contry

Flowthedubstepdancer says:

Nice, but any1 can do footwork like the 2nd kid

NewBoyNewLife98 says:

Beast shufflers

Pablo Rodrigues says:

Rooh.Siilva – I am Sparta [300 THEME]

Anthony Arms says:

Re-imagined it.

Anthony Arms says:

whats the song playing at 3:01?

Pablo Rodrigues says:

itsMRich the best

DzSwipe says:

wtf have theese people done to dancing

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