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Close Cynthia Barbosa was the third candidate to perform on Rio´s 2013 Queen of Carnival Contest. She is 35 years old, is a teacher of Physical Education, singer and dancer, and supports Vila Isabel Samba-School. Born and raised in Padre Miguel, has lived for three years in Russia. She is single and has a son. Cynthia explained that it is her first time at the samba contest and believes that being a true “mulata” increases chances to win the contest. Her carnival costume was inspired on the colors of Vila Isabel Samba-School, blue and white, with touches of silver. Impressive dancer! Parabens Cynthia pela bela apresentação!


martymar9311 says:

mulata power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

propheci says:

She’s single?! No way, how’s that possible?

TheWitschhunter says:

Very nice!

To stick one`s “thumb” in the air!
greeting out Germany!!

kyka48 says:


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