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Zumba Pack does a wild Danca du Creu. This is what Zumba is all about! Ass shaking fun!


TheRocketVoltage says:

I’m officially nicknaming Zumba Classes the tribe of white women who know how to twerk. These ladies can dance!

TheRocketVoltage says:

YEEEEEEAH! WORK, LADIES! Oh my god, pink shirt did her THANG! I was clapping at at my screen!

Rod Toledo says:

looks like they re having lots of fun!! and if some of them are are lesbians then what? whats the problem with that? they are all having fun and that is what really matters 🙂

Ezra Taylor says:

there just having fun and there no lesbians tht so disgusting

Gabriela GS says:


claire marcelin says:

bien tu ecrire mc creu voila

Rebecca Johnson says:

lol very entertaining

Acatzin48 says:

This is so fucked up, leave it to these nasty bitches to ruin baile do funk.

ZumbaCassandra says:

I’m totally busting this out for my first class of the new year on Monday…The beginning parts will be a bit different but the battle part is gonna be the same and it’s gonna be AMAZING!!

Gustavo Pimentel says:

i love brazil

djhands5 says:

Love this song in Zumba class today

linda7amuda says:

I loooove this wooow I give it 100 star

CancunsBombshell says:

I loveeee this!! I’m in jersey too! Would love to come to a class!!! Where in Brick?

amyWhippxx says:

How do you do that with you ass D: like seriously

KseIfCs48 says:

LOVE it….. I love our version in zumba but this is a lot better!!

SSYDNS says:

It is all in good fun for workout sakes but damn I would be all over the chic in pink too! Lol

ecuachic17 says:


rensaeri says:

Who said it was a lesbian dance off? Lol! There’s clearly guys- like the guy in the white pants and red socks and the massive dude.

madboyfull says:

Carioca funk made in Brazil =)

OneHundredPercentAus says:

We use a slightly modified version of this in our Zumba class. TONS of fun!

Nellie K. Adaba says:

Viva Zumba!

SukariChica says:

you guys are great=)

llemmyll says:

love it…!!!

stacand1 says:

I loooooooove this!! I am totally using this in my class!!

Danny Parrow says:

lol @ ugly chick class and homo nigga

Raven21136 says:

I love this, the zumba that I go to do this song and and it get wild.

ilanitv says:

great idea for zumbatomic or teens 🙂

Appollonia3810 says:

I love this! I wish I was at that class. 🙂

juals0227 says:

great job lots of funn everyone that posted negative needs to get a life this is what life is funn keep it up

cataweewee says:

So much fun!! Looks like you all have a great class out there!! Thanks for posting!

glogirl7099 says:

Love it! You guys did awesome and fun to watch.

hellmike17 says:

Si te gusta mi musica mandame un email [email protected] y te mando la musica

elgntlove3 says:

Nothing. Its just funny to imagine a bunch of lesbians having a dance off. More power to the lesbian community.

loutjuh76 says:

It doesn’t look like a lesbian dance off AT ALL!
Great work ladies!
I think it looks amazing and like a lot of fun!
Really want to do this one in my class.
Where can I find this song?

judoisoww says:

and what is wrong with that? :-D

ppoonpoo2 says:

look fun to me.

elgntlove3 says:

Good job, but looks alot like a lesbian dance off.

Julia Zumba says:

What is the name of the song?

carmen garcia says:

ke divertido es zumba felicidades muchachos un saludo desde tijuana, mexico.

theonlyempress says:

That was da bomb….Taking a few moves and adding it to my routine…

Danny Cortes says:

hey i just want to thank you for this idea! check out what i did with my party.. visit my playlist to see my party

flipxy says:

OMG this looks like so much fun! I wish I could do this with one of my classes. hmm but I wonder if they’d be too weirded out by me making them do a a booty/hip thrust battle! ? 🙁

ardenausten says:

can i be a “fan” at facebook??

iwantzumba says:

Love it!!! You guys rock!!!!

Charyna L. says:

Looks like you all had a blast.  I missed it, but i won’t miss the next one.

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