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The Original Booty Battle! Danca Do Creu by McCreu – Brazilian Funk


bbtuna2000 says:

looks like they are having a blast… love it!

lurod04 says:

The name of the song is “danca do creu” and the Singer Mc Creu

ashleyingram86 says:

Ok so Ive heard a version of this in class when we battle and I think its in Portuguese and I cant understand it (I speak Spanish) it sounds like the chick is saying valle or baille but I cant tell.

Daisy Elkin says:

The artists name is MC Creu. Which is Brazilian funk music. I love Brazilian funk!

lionpos says:

Awsome girls !!!!!

Monique Phinney says:

me to for the song please… [email protected]

karla ferguson says:

Sooooo fun!!!!!! Can’t find this artist version 🙁 Could you e-mail the song to me please???? [email protected] Thank you

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