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University of Guelph does the Harlem Shake right. Song Credit: Baauer – Harlem Shake Audio: Organizers: 1) Christopher Brophy – @brophchris 2) Mitchell Kiernan – @mitchkiernan_ 3) Scott Clumpus – @theclump Thanks to every single one of you that participated!


Twilightfantasy1019 says:


marck hoffmann says:

wtf? lol

jaybeavan says:

Best Harlem Shake yet!!!

lolatana says:

YAY.NO more gangnam style.

TeRoO7 says:


joon9997 says:

how did they keep a straight face in the beginning??

Денис Мокрушин says:

это безумие) Это спарта!

eXiLeGaminq says:

me either lol!

Bill Clinton says:

HF?? Umm.. okay?

roryhalsall says:


superford500 says:

hahaha XD

determineddevin says:

Bet City of Harlem real estate just went up because of this crazy ass dance…

Andrew McKenzie says:

If you guys got a minute, check out my Harlem Shake video! Thanks!

King Julien says:

I can’t stop searching harlem shake

ninjakukki says:

no he is gettin raped by girls LOL!!!!

cheezypotatoes says:

Come to Canada, we have sweet rave parties no matter what the weather.

MrSuperman522 says:

is that spoon 0:43

Renato Wester says:

Os ” Harlem Shake “ do Brasil são bem melhores kkkkk

Toke Bro says:

I remember someone telling me in a couple months people up north are gonna start doing the harlem shake..and look at that.(not trying to insult anyone)

DecoyGamingPC says:

Scotty bottom right?

taspring27 says:

Check out my harlem shake video, A Piano GOES UP IN FLAMES IN IT! Search Harlem shake piano fire!

Marshall Bodiker says:

I’m gonna miss college

dfa456147 says:

they must be so cold

omonil says:

that’s hillarious. 

iChinnyAce says:

HAHA! Challenge Accepted! 720p! 😀

ShotgunSione says:

I spot with my little eyes…..THREE people who are doing jak shit lol serious

XBOXrocker01 says:

wow they made a channel just for this… SUBSCRIBED

IbeJigsaw says:

Hahaha, the days when everyone thought they were going to come out of school with $50k jobs… meanwhile universities in Canada have an unemployment rate of over 50% and over 40% of the “career catered” programs are training for fields that won’t exist by 2030… University is becoming irrelevant in the career race… Sad realization of being a grad.

AIDSParadiseBurger says:

Hell yeah she is!

jleon1985 says:

Sigh… I miss being an undergrad

Dan Crawford says:

@Gforce7860 try to keep it in your pants buddy!

beltranian1594 says:

Too many people too close together >.<

BlindDeath97 says:

the dudes with the horse heads made the show 😀

MrJoMo76 says:

I was just about to say this

Zaire MonachTv says:

Hi everybody, I’m a Congolese rapper, now living in Australia. born in the Congo, so I know how it is to live their. In some parts of the Congo women are being raped everyday and I feel like not many people know the story. That’s why I feel like I’m the one that should teach people what’s going on over there. I have tried to do it by making a song about the conflicts in the Congo. All I want from you is to help me spread the word by listening to the song on my channel: bless y’all!

B50dancer says:

Don’t these guys have studying to do? XD LOL

Gforce7860 says:

that blonde chick is fucking hot in the bottom left at 1:00. dammm

DeZelle12 says:

this is a definite fave

TheNadroj18ful says:

I know what University i’m going to!


Harlem Shake (church office edition) Seriously funny!

HeinrichDulay says:

thats amazing…

xjpnfanx says:

I’ve actually never seen so much white people in one place, and I live in canada. Go to Scarborough town centre, and you’ll find that spotting a white person is like trying to find waldo.

Malcolm Haynes says:

It’s like a Where’s Waldo…

UofT HarlemShake says:

That was alright…

StrangeEncountersTV says:

LOL watch Obama do the Harlem Shake!!


TheWhimsicalFuzzwald says:

The horses…lmao XD

happybro1 says:

im looking forward to college haha

BrianEaZy says:

TUITION MONEY put to good use !!!!

Alejandro Johnson says:

Welcome to college XD

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