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Close Samba Dancing in Brazil is almost a “national passion”, just like soccer. Many people start dancing very young, just like in the middle east, the oriental dance. BC on Facebook: BC on Twitter: “brazil carnival br” “samba dance” “brazil…


BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

E verdade…são uns “sem noção” que ficam o dia inteiro no mundo da ilusão…abs!

Wesley Batista says:

Bah, mas as vezes não dar para aguentar as vezes, esse idiota vem aqui para ficar xingando , mas não dar para da bola mesmo, é puro recalque.
Descobri teu canal ontem e estou adorando teus vídeos, acho lindo e cultural o carnaval brasileiro.

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

nem liga…sao uns recalcados..abs!

Wesley Batista says:

Your father, idiot!

mshellokittygirl10 says:

American girls can dance to this samba, african girls, spanish, indian anybody who has rythym. evrybody in rio or brazil dont have rythym to dance samba


Thanks!! And I hope you do get a chance to visit!!

Marllon says:

I hope you have a blast! Both of my parents are Brazilian, but I was raised in Boston, USA. I haven’t been back to Brazil since I was two years of age, but I hope to visit this magical paradise someday.

thotkrime says:

que beleza

Buckeyecat2002 says:

What if sex was a dance and it had a name ?

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

“Samba enredo São Clemente 2011”, which was the title track for the 2011 carnival parade of Rio´s Sao Clemente Samba School.

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Indeed she is! Hot and natural too!

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

That is true. Axe in Bahia ( but lacks cultural identity, too commercial..) , but Forro is very rich, both musically AND culturally!

Davidwhynumbers says:

Hey people, samba isn´t popular in the whole Brazil, for example in Northwest of Brazil the most popular music style is the Axe and Forro.

welwelwel2u says:

Ella está de vuelta!
Hola chicos, hazte un favor y escriba: sexy mami como tu en la Red Navegador YouTube arriba y haga clic en Buscar y ver el baile de la muchacha más hermosa sexy para ti — disfrutar

She is back!
Hey guys, do yourself a big favor and type: sexy mami como tu in the Red YouTube Browser above and Click Search, and see the most beautiful girl dancing sexy for you — enjoy


I’m so happy to be apart of this culture my mom is brazilian and dad is AA/white. I’m going over there in Feb. and I can’t wait!!!!!

Fede Mala says:

the girl at 2:35 is unbelieveble. She’s too beautiful

Fede Mala says:

como se llama la canciòn? Gracias

pagola says:

im not but he who drools over a girl in that manner on the net clearly doesnt get any in real life

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

great…Hope you had a nice visit…the the culture of carnival is immense, and dates back 4 centuries…thanks for the positive vibes about Samba and Carnival!

Javincy says:

lol …let he that has not drooled over a beautiful girl on the internet cast the first stone…

the context in which you phrased your sentence leads one to believe that you are a homosexual. Are you?

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

That’s great! The Brazilian culture is in the blood! Watch more videos on our Youtube channel. Thanks!

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Yes, this is my website. There, you can find news about Brazilian carnival, pictures and more videos too. Thanks!

albertos12ful says:

tantas bellas en un solo lugar, blancas y morenas ,ahí no hay pierde.

MikkaMarieBee says:

This just made me want to move to Brazil EVEN MORE! OMG, this video is just beautiful! The last girl was AMAZING! She was my fav 🙂 I can’t wait to see this beautiful country and dance with these beautiful people!

maxishandsome says:

brazilcarnivalcombr gj man

maxishandsome says:

brazilcarnivalcombr gj man

Mishcy1234 says:

i love brasil! im half brasilian and peruvian. my mom tells me that i look like a brasilian more than a peruvian

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Indeed it is a powerful combination. they are the colors of Sao Clemente samba school, which you can see below more on their official parade below:


There will be the two colors there for sure!

SwampSwampEnt says:

Black and Yellow Black and Yellow Black and Yellow I freaking Love it

heatherobrien29 says:

Wow! Now I know why most Brazilians r in such great shape & have such nice booty’s!

Meika8 says:

This looks like the sexiest workout there is. I seriously wanna take lessons because of this

humanyoda says:

Horrible sound!

DG3319 says:

Wow. I’m taking Samba lessons!! I love the dancer that comes in at 4:58.

pagola says:

dream on wanker…u c a girl on the net n u drool

theoryg says:

Truely impressive. I get the picture atleast a little. 

domga82 says:

I would marry the girl at 3:42..she is gorgeous.

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

this is not the kind of energy this space needs….I am sorry if you dont know the dance of the flag bearer and samba host ( mestre sala and porta bandeira ) the most important elements within a samba-school, which carries their flag, is literally a “court dance” from the 18th century…but I will not spend my time with negative energies, since carnival is up beat, and nor teach you Brazilian Carnival sociology. You can find that in wikipedia. thanks

Alexus Barnes says:

so true i wish my school had a group for brazilian dancing i’d love that, im part brazilian so that would be interesting for me.

belavistario says:

I agree…I think there is huge growth potential for REAAAAL samba in US. In Euripe its already booming!

Anon Lover says:

If only this was the type of samba dancing taught in silly ballroom dance class in the US :/

Javincy says:

So much beautiful ladies…I’d go crazy if I ever visit Brazil…

belavistario says:

Es verdad…no ganan nada…hacem todo por paion e el amor ao samba e el carnaval! gracias e saludos desde Rio p usted hermano del Caribe

TheTransfercancun says:

que pasion al bailar

Ellis Angela says:

SEE MY VIDEOS! /watch?feature=player_detailpa­ge&v=pqoqZKXXzTA

yannarena51 says:

ASHUAHAUUSHUAHSU esses gringos nao podem ver as brasileiras sambar que ja ficam dodinhos, agora as gringa querem aprender e TENTAR fazer igual mas nunca igual o gingado do nosso país UHASUSAHUSAHUA

soDeEaA says:

euuuu amooo braziiilllll♥ !!

TheFlyboy7755 says:


coreyking100 says:

AnglesM888 says:

Beautifull. I should have been born in Brazil….:-)

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