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Scoutgamer1221 says:

Why not shibby2142’s slender shake??

screwymcjiver says:

i lost it when i saw the boat video

prdneri says:

7:55 youtubeception

Edwin Santiago says:

6:10 the girl in the right is so hot

KunPao20 says:

Why not naked? 🙁 00:00 – 00:29  :(((

Archangel Wolffe says:

@Juan Montiel well, that’s Norway in a nutshell for ya.

Tinabitch says:

there arent doing it right

JohnWesleyMethodism says:

Okay, so what new level of degeneration have we, as a society reached, when this Youtube song becomes the #1 song on the Billboard top 100?

I doubt the Beatles or Beethoven could have ever written a song this wonderful. It must have taken incredible talent…

aaronjreyna2000 says:

Soo basicly people like this song cuz they can do wutever they want

ReloadeadzROBLOXjosh says:

i found butt!

ReloadeadzROBLOXjosh says:


Juan Montiel says:

LMAO guy with the flag @00:52

gsb09gs says:

Awesome news crew

Neyla Styles says:

Lmao all the old people

superman23rox says:

Watching a harlem shake ad for a harlem shake compilation? Not bad….

GrateMilenko says:

5:55 the best

EvilNecroid says:

lol yeah i never thought of that

claires1012 says:

Dat ad though >>>>

ytprocker says:

Damn Asian grandmas can dance

ministoddard says:

My ad was the shake too

Michael Mendoza says:

Nice but

Mraff115 says:

Check out my REVERSE MOTION HARLEM SHAKE on my channel!

puffin zags says:

6:10 far right side of screen, you’re welcome.

milfmama21 says:

Haha I love the comments people have some are hella funny

puffin zags says:


Bigthompa21 says:

pause video, right click and press stop download. you’re welcome

Reperkinz says:

his name is penguinlovecircle and his profile picture may or may not be the guy from one direction… hes fragile, go easy on him

timothy1444 says:

The guy below me has a great question

Moyka Peñalba says:


Bagal cross hunter says:

it’s crazy..

traiceterry1 says:

where the hell did that cheetah come from at 4:45?!

traiceterry1 says:


shagy13garcia says:

Yo soy mexicano de corazón pero me gusta mucho esto

hannasky196 says:


Andrew Shaner says:

who doesnt now a days 🙁

Andrew Shaner says:

my mom came into my room and screamed when she saw the vid at 6:00

kyle bushnell says:


StrawberryPartyHat says:

pretty sure my eyes go like this more that a few times in this video

mw2rocks50 says:

anyone see the guy during the army one falling?

FlagnogProductions says:

Your’e the one watching it….

Penguinlovecircle says:

how would you know that
do you watch porn

King Elessar says:

@FlagnogProductions or buffering sucks on ytube?…

FlagnogProductions says:

Or you have the worst internet in the world….

Malik Johnson says:

Hope all of u die

FlagnogProductions says:

Dat Grandma goes hard

TheFlyingElephanter says:

6:07 thats why they need better buffering then youtube.

Krrrimmi says:


soundofmusic94 says:

terroristas y que ?!

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