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LadyMultiple says:

I could never dance in shoes like that….when i dance its barefoot lol

DevilzDontCry says:

No, she isnt. Her body is hot but her face isn’t. I’ve seen way better!

saim sha says:

so sweet

danubia freitas says:

nosssa !! essa mulher dança demaisss parabé dia qm sabe eu chego la rsrs…

stefano rapuzzi says:

Senza scarpe veniva molto meglio.. non ho capito xkè ha fatto sta cazzata .-.

5698rlnd says:

Her plastic surgeon did a shitty job on those fake melons. Way too round and low.

OpanBrain says:

It could be the padding on her top.

TsukiFujimi says:

Lesson learned: Never use high heels while BE… Still beautiful dance !

carcamomremaf says:

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Rich Chick says:

I <3 this routine...

Ramy Francis says:

aiwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😀

emerl23 says:

i wish the wind blew away all her clothing.

rekar ezel says:


marcel19ization says:

ai ai my mother how she dance how old she have because she are very beautiful

salvadoraugustus says:

cut the crap all men from here, all we want is her same move but in bed

mrsSukiJones says:

I appreciated her dancing more before the humongous boobs though

keilla tayana says:

muy linda

keilla tayana says:

this girl is beautiful………

keilla tayana says:

ela e bonita e dança muito bem msm.

TheWildScarletRose says:

What do Greek people have to do with Didem???

kxmode says:

because it’s next to her belly?

Sahara823 says:

eeh not to be mean or anything. But you do know that belly dancing was done by courtesans? It has become an ‘art form’ since the last century – but the tradition was to seduce the client (sheikhs, sultans, and other influential men)

sugarspeakstruth says:

their is a thing called a classy dancer this is not representing belly dance properly bring traditional back!!!

Cheylieshow says:


kougasgirl16 says:

this girl is beautiful. belly dance is an art form. 

iguessow says:


moriartyqjolandas says:

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ميمو الجن says:

فنانة وعندها حس جامد باالموسيقى ومتمكنة برافو لاانك حسستينى ان ا لرقص الشرقى فن مش عجن ورجعتينى لرقص الفنانة سهير زكى كان عندها نفس الاحساس

منو مشاري says:

أتوقع لو يفصلون الجزء العلوي من جسدها عن الجزء السفلي .. بيطلع جزئين زي طولي :(:(:(:(

منو مشاري says:

ماشاء الله .. طول عنقها وطول المسافه بين صدرها ووركها كنها زرافه :

Olga Angélica Mata Flores says:

Why the cameraman insists on focus her boobs? ¬¬

desertlillie says:

I fast forwarded to her vertical dancing position. I was uncomfortable and afraid that the cups wouldn’t hold. It appears that this is what the camera man was hoping for.

Sami Ullah says:

very nice and high talanted

Camila Inostroza says:

cómo se llama la canción? 

karmyn thomas says:

yeah ive seen her before and she dances good but she sure loves to show off her breasts

ranoo2006 says:


MohawkDiezelPower says:

Just curious my Turkish brother i am Magyar Gypsy did you know she is Turkish Gypsy? She is of Roma (Gypsy) ethnic heritage And did you know Gypsys are From India Rajasthan… But yea i hope those Greeks are jealous she is sure beautiful…Shish kebab, is better than Gyros right brother?

sandynoby says:

LOL .. buddy what a say ” soft looking breasts” , your eyes felt it 😉

maria rossi says:


Melissa Rose says:

I agree with you, because I think you are meaning jealous in a good way.

kiko nouali says:

is barbie

Anna Skill says:

I’d blame the designers and make-up artists of the television show for the chest, it’s amazing how fake real boobs can look if you know how to use clothes and make-up. (Tried it myself and it sure did work lol)

aameen alamdi says:


ItsAshleyLynn says:

I’m surprised she’s doing it in heels! That must be hard!

katerina santikidoy says:


giorozza says:

Your bet is wrong. Look her up for older videos and you’ll see. She was much more beautiful with her natural, soft looking breasts. She has a small frame and didn’t need this much enhancement. Nevertheless, she is gorgeous. And no, I don’t prefer females, but I can appreciate beauty in both genders.

Faye McDougal says:

I betcha u would suck on those fake breast… lol
Oh well that is if u prefer females.

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