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ATTENTION : After making this video (09/Feburary/2013) , so many other versions were uploaded so it’s normal that videos are not included in my top 10 list . Remember this is the frist top of harlem shakes version. FACEBOOK : Here is the Top 10 : 10- THE HARLEM SHAKE ( PEANUTS VERSION ) 9- THE HARLEM SHAKE ( TSCS VERSION ) 8- THE HARLEM SHAKE ( HOMER SIMPSON VERSION ) 7- THE HARLEM SHAKE ( NITENDO – SUPER MARIO VERSION ) 6- THE HARLEM SHAKE ( POWER RANGERS VERSION ) – 1st ORIGINAL VIDEO 5- THE HARLEM SHAKE ( TOYS COLLECTIVE VERSION ) 4- THE HARLEM SHAKE ( THE CITADEL VERSION ) 3- THE HARLEM SHAKE ( WEATHER CHANNEL NEWS VERSION ) 2- THE HARLEM SHAKE ( ORIGINAL VERSION v2 ) 1- THE HARLEM SHAKE ( FIREFIGHTER VERSION ) Personal Facebook : SONG NAME: Harlem Shake – Baauer *ALL COPYRIGHTS go to Baauer or whoever is in charge. This is not my song*


Дмитрий Лешкевич says:

Привет! ПРОГОЛОСУЙТЕ (Л_А_Й_К) за СЫНА…всем спасибо!!!!!!

theaceagle says:


jwalker42789 says:


DanielsBlogk says:

best harlem shake /watch?v=fHghr0eLhzA

Estela Medina says:

number 10 was best!

Joychen112 says:


Larxiie says:

Homer!!! xD Best one

yahilnette2001 says:

My doughter loves this song

ImFILaX says:

6 best

eroproman101 says:

i think number 6 is best 😀 [dat face]

prabangkara20 says:

serem bro… (scary shit)

3p1cak says:

5 the best

Twenson Ye says:

that’s right!

PrivateGamer007 says:

5th place should be nr 1 :X

Chris Hanania says:

Milliard, nice. Is that even real?

Anh NGUYEN VAN says:


G Gasw says:


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fatih kocak says:

5 was good 🙂

allenlefoofy2 says:

How’re you gonna out the original one at number 6?? -__-

supeermudi says:


gandzialf007 says:

Pewdiepie have done the best. Better check it

Ahmad Farhan says:

These harlem shake makes people so stupid. There must one ‘man’ who plan all this to ruin human race. The sign of end of the world.

Darius Veliche says:

:)) and itachi

spintEEn1 says:

Wtf? spiderman? =))

MrMcDovahkiin says:

Bist du Deutsch, denn im Englischem heisst Milliarde billion

NickelodeonMp3 says:

Falto el de Sam & Cat, ese es muy divertido

MrBPDO says:

Are u idiot gangnam style have 1 milliard views…

straw berry says:


227justin says:

You bastard stoll nightmarRH counter.

thepyro123456789 says:

the best is number 1

sarahknufinke says:


Killa 2480 says:

The human race race drunk

Salim EmirParayVEVO says:

1:46 Amazing 🙂

Killa 2480 says:


earthbowable says:

/watch?v=XLSWA4cJEAA  should be here too

jp Santos says:

Please quit drugs!!!:)

JackRocksGuitarHero says:


Catalin Feier says:


mikael reyes says:

The best is number five

skd5474 says:

this is fucking stupid

mikael reyes says:

Foe nine there either gay or drunk

TheWilliamspakes says:

My fav is the 5

jizzmanization says:

why is there a yellow have over every video

Baha Cura says:

1:46 amazing hahahahahhahah

cenation7771 says:

the best Harlem shake ever!! check it out :

Teddy V-Sion says:

Harlem Shake from French Students in a dormitory !! Check This !!!

samuelezamba says:

Ahahah homer

mietas4567 says:

Kurczak na koncu mnie rozjebal

lerrudin says:

Oh yes, go home gangnam style! You’re drunk.

Ufogufo13 says:

1:50… kon ma mokre spodnie w kroczu 😀

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