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This kid is really talented go 2 for more info. This little fella hails from Brazil, and loves nothing more than a good Samba dance.


reptilianism420 says:

Awesome moves, but momma needs to change that diaper pronto!

qadsawee4ever says:

lol mute this , open another Youtube Page , Sean paul Temprature , play , comeback to this and play xD

rochellecindy says:

this is so funny.

Daxton Perkins says:

tht ws th bst dnce evr

alvygra says:


faye bayani says:

how old is he?

MartellGirls says:

wow.. hes working it! hahha

Olivia Michael says:

OMG LOL LOL LOL!!!! the thing is moving rofl

Olivia Michael says:

OMG LOL LOL LOL!!!! the thing is moving

Cagliari1234 says:

this is disgusting and vulgar… only Brazilians are unrefined enough to think this is something good. Those dances are full of dirty perverted sexual content (specially in Brazil being a focus point for homos, trannies , aids etc…) and are not meant for kids.

zephyrd2007 says:

towards the end, poor little fella looks pooped (tired) lol

wannaBism says:

Is this for REAL???

IdaJMichael says:

he’s awesome :- )

PremiseStudio says:

ale miało faze… dobre :D

disneytweetiepie7 says:

q fofo!!!
that kid can bloody dance =)

utubeisthebesteva123 says:

was he trained?
cause a toddler can’t just think of dance moves like that…

anick94 says:


c lewis says:

good rythm

flukes777 says:

Dat lil nigga be gettin down.

CBvaBABY says:

Whats 2+2 kid ?…. ” KID” Huhhhhh I dont know, LETS dance1st I tell You Later ” !!! LMAO

Ariel Vazquez says:

this kids awesome.

andreialuisa says:

Song’s name is Kuduro by Fantasmao. He is Luis Otavio from Bahia Brazil, 2 years old.

CrystalCol3man says:

He can dance but I think he needs his diaper changed. His diaper looks soaked!!! LOL

verdebmx408 says:

DON’T READ THIS I’M SOOOO SOR RY EVRY1 If you do not copy and paste this on to 10 videos your mom will die in 4 hours

jamicamecrazee says:

Love It!!! 

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