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The Harlem Shake with Old Man Francis and Sexy Girls The Harlem Shake Thanks to + thanks to the originals – TheSunnyCoastSkate my links comment below ” OMG BEST harlem shake” if you see this!


Alin Papariga says:

Sherlok Thanks… AGAIN

littlemisssloppy says:

where is sam?

FutureScience2012 says:


An P says:

Медведя изнасиловали , хорошо что Путин не видел :) а то бы он……
Bear raped, well that Putin has not seen 🙂 and then he ……

nick turner says:

teddy bear gangbang

minecrafttornado says:

Watch the Grandpa that the second best part 🙂

Darth Sidious says:

still waiting for the all female version…anyone?

armstronghere says:

Harlem shake is going into the media trend!!!

TbagShinigami says:

Boy, that escalated quickly.

StrangeEncountersTV says:

LOL watch Obama do the Harlem Shake!!


ob zomo says:


Allan Striker says:

this is my fav so far

Nataša Maslač says:

i love your profile pic :3 go Dan!

claudia sciberras says:

Ahahahhahahahaha sam

pinkelephantsarecool says:

Haha OMG BEST harlem shake!!

Vice Stojčić says:

This is the only good one actualy.

tigerfish4628 says:

ah c’mon, let ’em live the dream ;)

Myrilandel says:

HAHAHA I see Sawyer and Louis!!!

nwenimyint1986 says:

respon to video

deejkdeejk says:

I can’t get enough of this bullshit

Lauren King says:


Desiree J says:

This was greeeeeat =D So uhhh, who’s the hottie with the dreads?

TheGoatAntichrist says:


taspring27 says:

Check out my harlem shake video, A Piano GOES UP IN FLAMES IN IT! Search Harlem shake piano fire!

MichaelShinobii says:

The old man IS Sam Pepper!!! Remember from his old man prank!!

TheNamesCollins says:

OMG BEST harlem shake

Chow Yip says:

Watch my sparklers version of the Harlem Shake!

Nixs37AQUINO says:

Hahaha the guys humping the bear XD

Dandy Lion says:

the girl that bends over gives me a boner!

Gabriel Colo'n says:

check my version out

justinetheasian says:

One of the best ones!

ImShard says:

Saw the girls in the top right corner right before the video ended. Rewatched. I’m happy.

SydneyCurtis1 says:

I wonder what happened after this video…

lentejTV9 says:

ooooookaaaaaay 😛

stephersislove says:

I saw this on Ifunny and I was all like Sam! :3

onix731992 says:

I think I accidentally press the dislike button but all true I like the video super funny lol

wdavis22 says:

Hey look, its Manti Te’o

jo90114 says:

Lucky old man…

Zaire MonachTv says:

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Kevin McCutcheon says:

I highly recommend you HD this video and at 0:15 you fix your eyes to the top right corner and not look away. Oh My God. Yes.

KyleBoland says:


volebien says:

this girl is sick

pinkygirl26 says:

I’m just laughing at Sawyer having a seizure on the floor.

ashleypenelope97 says:

OMG BEST harlem shake

Boky luvsyew says:

best harlem shake <3

An P says:

Медведя изнасиловали , хорошо что Путин не видел 🙂 а то бы он……

agosalo59 says:

the Best one!!! :))

Gemz Kebab says:

hahahahahaha look @ the big black guy

Spameliciouss says:

click on my channel to see the finniest INDIAN ACCENT VIDEO about SWAG FAGS 🙂

Mario Pecina says:

That guy must have an extra small wiener if he’s covering his junk like that.

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