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rofLopolous says:

You got a txt mate..

Marcos Marta says:

you could tell the guy on the bed was trying hard not to crack up

Keenan Fleming says:

Baauer is loving everyone on YouTube at this very moment

Forrest Gump says:

KSI ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ttheLemonSong says:

best version right hurrrr

JWflikz says:

come watch our version and you will laugh ….and see a dog get HUMPED ??!

OB23Skillz says:

Ksi army ftw

cirusMEDIA says:

Now this was just wrong!!! -__-

2012vsME says:

heheeee I was focusing on that area only : hand vs dick

TheZezecha says:

I’ve legit been dancing like this since I was probably 4(when I’m fuckin with friends/trolling irl), what’s the big deal?

MundyKambell says:

Baauer – Harlem Shake

glendiibruno says:

CON LO TERRORITA!! Lmao love that part



PlatinumEagle01 says:

This is Wat happens when teens get all drunk and high

yawhatevr says:

A lot more D 😉

Dexter CJ says:


John Doe says:

yo someones gotta do a solo one with a kid in a speedo humpin a stuffed animal… then dad comes in the room mad like wtf n goes after the kid n the kid gets all scared hahahahaha

J4M47st says:

HAHAHAHA this shit is funny xD

J4M47st says:


PureLifeIV says:

Text at 0:26

Sinter7777 says:

dude is a bean!!!!!

Dimethyltyptamine says:

0:24 somebody got a text.

stopmemotion says:

Let me be your friend pls

INJ006LC says:

Ksi Brought me here

TheRealDiMarcoco says:

I like the bill Clinton version lol

FudgeGirl25 says:

You are very homophobic for saying that.

Chuck Norris says:


darkwolf328 says:

@ivan199120 there’s worse, but lets enjoy life, shall we?

ivan199120 says:

Suck your dick bitch LMAO

TheLittleCutegamer says:

@mych4nny I thought the same lmao

xxBreezy101xx says:

shut up and enjoy life a little motherfucker

OurFamilyNest says:

Love the guy on the bed trying not to laugh in the beginning! My kids love this one!

We made one today too, CHECK IT OUT!
Michigan Family Style Harlem Shake!

SeaTolli22 says:

You are very homosexual for taking the time to notice that.

ivan199120 says:

So this is what society has come down to…..

jpcancela says:

lmfao almost shit pissed my pants,!!! exacly noticing that

HartBeatPro says:

We made one of these at the YMCA! It was epic.Check it out and tell me what you think!!

Ciborg GirlCraft says:

kkkkkkkkkk wtf


OMG funny as shit video

Diana Harmon says:

I can’t do it

99mikedude says:

I don’t get it

jose11371 says:

Its More like a 30 sack taps! XD

iimRoyal says:

Lol at the first slow mo part the guy slaps the dude in the boxers bulge…

jShazBOT says:

Gake and fay. 

Devin Howard says:

The naked guy gets his dick slapped like 8 times…

DynastyOSX says:

0:16 Guy on the bed LMFAO

Michelle Fajardo says:

Omg guy in underwear lol made my life

potato bills says:

what is captain America doing?

achievmenthunter1 says:


svenrupp37 says:

Wtf is the song called

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