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All rights belong to their respective owners. I do not own any of this content. SONG NAME: Harlem Shake – Baauer *ALL COPYRIGHTS go to Baauer or whoever is in charge. This is not my song* Everyone Is Doing The Harlem Shake Huge Compilation best of The Harlem Shake Huge Compilation Harlem Shake (Radio Station Edition) Harlem Shake v4 (Firefighter Edition) The Harlem Shake – Gamer Office Version The Harlem Shake – Life Teen Style The Harlem Shake (Atlantic Version) The Harlem Shake (Korean Version) The Harlem Shake V6 The Harlem Shake v7 The Harlem Shake v74 (Official College Edition) The Harlem shake. Sexy schoolgirl edition_ (BreakingMaas at Maastricht University Library) The Harlem Shake


ymasnirvana says:

the man with the tree is a fucking legend

Bolensgoldrush says:

I cried because i realized i live on the same planet on these people

anthony morel says:

Word who made it up

MrDKiDDRAFi says:


Brandon Martin says:

wtf the bunny was funny lol balls

dont knowme says:

spider man lol and a chicken

Daitzee Malazarte says:

Kolo Terorita!

willsheeverloveme says:

chuck Norris approves this video

kat ruiz says:


Leigh Capel says:


Marie Davis says:

Maybe don’t waste time watching it and commenting if you don’t like it? Maybe go outside and get some sunshine?

Lindsey McCluskey says:


rhirhirhi2007 says:

i love this lmao

Kwansima James says:

Who made it up

bull shyit says:

WTF is this BS? The Harlem Shake came out in the 90s and this is the fucked up white version of it I guess?

Kwansima James says:

Some crazy stuff

DameProduction says:

/watch?v=B3iXbdxexeE Harlem Shake Baauer ( eyebrows Going Hard As S*** ) Cadbury Advert , please give this a chance to be top comment, iv tried so hard 🙂

JEWWNIOR19 says:



JEWWNIOR19 says:



JJpurerising says:

wtf lol funny shit

1993Jinto says:

how long has this been happening????

Saschaine Clarke says:

What was on the couch at 3:19? is that another child? or…….

qllq888 says:

Please don’t waste time making this shit! Stop it!

HromBOMB says:

The last one is where it’s at

S1lence1k1llu2 says:

3:25 parents of the year…

dubstabex says:

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Candace Long says:

what a waste of 5 minutes and 30 seconds… but any procrastination helps

Chavez Walden says:

Not gonna lie, by the end of it I wanted to dance too….

Daitzee Malazarte says:

0:15 PENIS! 

DjOttsel1234 says:

haha a dj of Malta music yeeeeeeee dj Harlem

donde fox says:

They chaotic ang gulo nlA crazy nA

Nick Price says:

So dumb

Nicky Garz says:

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sarkujpnfreak42 says:

a compilation of many different harlem shakes

RazzyoO says:

I love this..I love this so much.

CammyRussell says:



thumbs up!!

Milly Bella says:

we have a harlem shake on our channel, check it out

drboom7 says:

Sooo, one person (who is apparently invisible?) starts freaking out and all of the sudden it spreads? Lemme get my vaccination thanks…

varilla111 says:

they are not making fun of anyone, they are just doing something funny, ridiculous and funny, and no one has valid reason to be insulted by this

Sonja Nasehi says:

I KNOW MOST OF YOU WONT READ THIS..We all have to start somewhere.. And I am starting here, with the help from you.
I am working on attending a spot in one of Sthlms most prestigious schools. I will do a Harlem Shake edition swedish edition when i reach 700 votes so please help me, press “rösta” under my picture, verify yourself through Facebook and then press “rösta” again to confirm. All takes, 30 seconds! Thank you!

MultiPieProductions2 says:

Nekk minnut harlem shake still number 1.

Aaron Matthews says:

You’re fucking stupid if you’re being sarcastic. Of course it’s possible, every fucking time you watch a fucking video it’s a view.

DinosaursEatCupcakez says:

To whoever is saying Gangnam Style is better, you obviously have no good taste. Gangnam Style is soo stupid and the only reason it got so many views is because no one has a brain in America. Harlem Shake it better because you don’t have to do a certain dance, you just do whatever the hell you want!

Jose Bonifacio says:

the hell

doug5421 says:


Amy Campbell says:

This was not funny.

shabab BUR says:

Check our Harlem Shake in my videos

MrNinetyskid says:

thank god

IxHACKx4xUxANDxME says:

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