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All rights belong to their respective owners. I do not own any of this content. SONG NAME: Harlem Shake – Baauer *ALL COPYRIGHTS go to Baauer or whoever is in charge. This is not my song* Everyone Is Doing The Harlem Shake Huge Compilation v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 best of The Harlem Shake Huge Compilation


cason211 says:

This is getting weird.
I like it.

123lardron says:

Well that’s enough YouTube for one day

LoidaDelaCruz says:

Fuck gangnam

FrontlineCosplay says:

What Did i just watch?

thedato says:

the new planking.

kryson100 says:

shit got real when the kigus came on

LaughingMyAssOff says:

LOL. Let people have their fun once in a while. Besides… after this, another will reign again. xD

Nyklosse69 says:

2:02 BO2 :X in the tv

ursixx says:

Now I know why the pope quit his job .. he is going to the Harlem shake monastery.. to find the true meaning of life

Ryan Burke says:

3:08 So this is what Boba Fett does now…

MaCe313 says:

—________— ……… G. A. Y.

TheDarkdude98 says:

How is this becoming viral

exbeon says:

Welcome to 2013

xludedelux says:

Fat Boba Fett is straight up winning!!

snoozz336 says:

And thus, the next generation of Idiots is born.

heritageodie19 says:

I watched this on Sunday and I’m still laughing at her.

cat54907 says:

I love how everyone keeps a straight face before they start dancing ridiculously

taspring27 says:

Check Out My Harlem Shake Video! A Piano Goes UP IN FLAMES!!!!! Search Harlem shake piano fire!

weerat Wereta-Munro says:

what the…..

bonoyeah says:

first I was like 0:06 , but then I was like 0:17 !!

ZombiesAndCallOfDuty says:


jchen6688 says:

Why did I just subject myself to that for 4 minutes?…. Well, time for part 2!

ZombiesAndCallOfDuty says:


kanlaya485 says:


PbmKnight says:

lol 2:52 guy is punch a blow up giraffe wtf

joshua12297 says:

Is this the first time you saw anything like these people doing the Harlem Shake? Well its famous now and its ALL over the internet. alot of famous youtubers are doing it. Prepare to see SO many more videos like this one. so…so many more

JinAlucardd says:

-.- What did I just watch…

ColdAsHe11 says:

Boba Fett bitches!

Andrew McKenzie says:

If you guys got a minute, check out my Harlem Shake video on my channel!

giang lê says:

so funny

froggysepstin says:

Что за хуйня?

paladinben says:

What the fuck did i just watch

yjs062250 says:


taspring27 says:

Check out my harlem shake video, A Piano GOES UP IN FLAMES IN IT! Search Harlem shake piano fire!

diciple23 says:

i hoonestly think its alot better than wen planking was the trend, but again its all for fun and you wanna spice up your life with a little bit of spontaneous crazyness at times lol im def gunna do this with my college floormates

ZombiesAndCallOfDuty says:

i have one on my channel it soo funny me and my friends

taspring27 says:

Check out my harlem shake video, A Piano GOES UP IN FLAMES IN IT! Search Harlem shake piano fire!

leprince215 says:

The harlem shake is so fucking old im talking like 12 year’s look some old videos up of the real harlem shake

wolf alyami says:

اول واحد جاء هنا .. لايك

JXL21 says:

The gay community gotta be loving this
get down

Bernie Espinosa says:

I noticed that too, HaHaHa

MrCircus177 says:

I hate all these dances and shit people come up with. But, it’s better than Gangnam Style.

Chow Yip says:

Watch my sparklers version of the Harlem Shake!

Ic3Craft says:


Simon Wauters says:

ive spend too much time watching harlem shake videos o.O

WillWongTV says:

Check out my harlem shake version, GLOW IN THE DARK EDITION, I’m not asking for much but to check it out. One of my YouTube goals is to reach 10,000 subscribers by this year, and with your help I know I can do it, thanks to all in advance 🙂

Sammuel Nevarez says:

Remember planking? the same Trollfestingness is back! Love it!

benblue3 says:

It’s going to die in a week.

DownwardGoose says:

I don’t know how this came about but I don’t give a shit. The world is a better place with the Harlem Shake.

Костя Савосин says:

чё такова в музаке?

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