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αδραξε την μερα says:

wtf with you people ? drugs? oh my god …. stupid people

Klikol Cze says:


Bulba Indraputra Adil says:


nanajohnson100 says:

Lmao right

Elijah Boldirev says:

God save us

WildnFreeTV says:


mattiamariani9 says:


Andrew G Poi says:

Are people just buying anything that goes on there head to make one of these

Andree Martinez says:

Hector el Father

ProdigyLove24 says:

i like the firemens part

Akmar Matali says:

dumbly dance for retarded ppl…this is sucks!

Chris Keys says:

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Daniel Araújo says:

“With the terrorists” – “Con los terroristas!”

LaGardeni says:

Hy ,
Please watch on my channel!
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Thanks 🙂

Jasonmunoz12345 says:

This song says terrorist is Spanish.

Jasonmunoz12345 says:

This song says terrorist. 

Enrique Alvarado says:

is “””””S  T U P I D”””””

harlem train says:

go to my youtube channel!!! the best harlem shake!!!!!!!

Metta Handika says:

please watch my stunning harlem shake videos ^__^ 1. /watch?v=1EkFWCDr-7w 2. /watch?v=YHR5337CBYI thankss :*

kraust137 says:

I liked this old man in the back. 😀

Madawgison says:

Damm….what have we come to?

Tassie Long says:

We got most of our school to do this freaking hilarious

jkkl121 says:

i like harlem shake , i hate Psy.

Ana Alvarez says:

hahahahaha XD too darn silly

VidyaWorkz says:

This is how the harlem shake is done.


KarookieCovers says:

Watch ours please. 😀

Bryan Bade says:

you’re right dude…. this harlem shake can’t beat the billion views of gangnam style…

SpotELMatador says:


ValerieCerpaa698 says:

@PIPELINEhunt GoodLuck On Your Friends Surgery !!

Indeedhando says:

Psy is a normal music writer, who just wrote a song that became overpopular…this has nothing to do with it. This is just stupid. Funny stupid, but still stupid ^^ And Im not saying its wrong or that ppl shouldnt come up with things like that. As long as it makes ppl laugh… 🙂

Mraff115 says:

Check out the RAFFERTY HARLEM SHAKE on my channel!

bozotosco says:

corno terrrorista

PIPELINEhunt says:


I don’t know how to say this but a good friend of mine has cancer. He’s about to have surgery tomorrow and I’m really the only friend he’s got. He’s upset because no one really takes any notice of him. Have a soul and send him a message that says “good luck with the surgery.”Here’s his number:402-681-2378

I understand that some people will troll but at least he’ll have a good laugh out of that. Kinda boring for him sitting in the waiting room for 4 hrs.

Carl Darling says:

This is how Mr Bean does it in the bathroom:

salesalmazanroberto says:

me cagoooo de risaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

YayaChannel510 says:

@los child L

Blazefur803 says:

Get off the internet

kenneth carl millo says:

mga baliw! haha!


best harlem shake /watch?v=z6yEG5-TrBs

marioman2161 says:

I don’t think anyone’s ‘upset’ about it, but it is pretty fucking stupid.

ytytytt says:

0:59 ニワトリやべえwww

skatecrazy1 says:

this shit is hilarious, I don’t know why everyone is so upset about it

Reid Balderas says:

Dafuq did I just watch XD

Ilknur Mustafazade says:


IsoPokemon12 says:

this is how u know the world is coming to a near end………….. goodbye civilization….

Javier Rengel says:

Que musica tan Grosera, y con mensajes antieducativos. Dios tenga Misericordia.

marc martinez says:

there was a guy fucking a table

louisaroberts0 says:


Carson Hart says:

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