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Really best latino song ever … If you are the fan of latino music, your sense is right here! 25 latino songs: 1. Buena vista Social Club – Coldplay – Clocks 2. Gipsy Kings – Volare 3. Enrique Iglesias – Bailamos 4. Marcela Morelo – Para Toda La Vida 5. Joe Arroyo – La Noche 6. Bellini…


mostafa4592363 says:

thanks to shazam brogram i found what i want

kamapuci says:

I think that ´Lambada´ is to be found in the second or third part of these latino songs vids ;

Plasma Blade says:

Pay more attention to detail and you will find them. You aren’t looking hard enough!

mostafa4592363 says:

i want all songs names please

kabrera100 says:

Greetings from Libya

benrealmadride says:

Hola a todos! Estoy tratando de encontrar una canción latina, el idioma portugués es, posiblemente, pero desafortunadamente yo no hablaba nada de … Dice algo así como “fuziiii” (cantante) y un coro de mujeres de la marcha atrás como “na na na na na naaaa nanana naa ..” y también se ha cantado en Inglés por un hombre que en el lugar de “fuziiii”, dice “para usted

Jadore Dior says:

Thank you 😀

I’ve found songs that I could never find 😉 xx

LittleMissCurlyKira says:

This has so many good songs! Although you have missed my all time favourite- Lambada by Kaoma. Still really love it though

xgalore77zerha268 says:

first one is the only good one, honestly your a fucking wanker man

sikrina95 says:

so good!!

Koo Mat says:


godra051 says:

Thank you !

mtangora says:


mtangora says:


mtangora says:


godra051 says:

Does anybody know the name of the last one??

Sakura Chan says:

Kaoma – Bantu (Dj Ben Remix)

Fantezzy Florin says:

thank you for the songs

rali4ka4 says:

7:06 pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!

Annelida2 says:

Dear PinkPaprika,
You made my day!! Thank you very much for that! 🙂

Filipe RODRIGUES says:

The song you mean is brazilian and called:
Salome de Bahia – Outro Lugar
Enjoy it!

charis bakoulopouloos says:

9:02 please…

Thisisepicss909 says:

lol Coldplay

Mastershaolin82 says:

7.43 please

menosmarco says:

he’s so checking ur ass out 🙂

5amapoil says:

Baila Baila conmigo – Domino

MsDior94 says:

song 19 cant find it anywhere!!

faisalbaderok says:

nice armpit

infested9846 says:

hey guys im trying to find a latin song,i dont know what they’re sayin so i cant find it…..:(.The Song goes something like this:”beile beile flamengo beile beile amor”.

Annelida2 says:

Hey everyone! I am trying to find a latin song, the language is possibly portugese but unfortunatelly I do not speak any… It says something like “fuziiii” (female singer) and a chorus of women at the back going like “na na na na naaaa nanana na naa..” and it has been also sung in english by a man who at the place of “fuziiii” says “for yououou”…
(That souds like a riddle!) Thanks anyone!

BoiiWite says:

camisa negra by juanes

MaiAnDul says:

Let’s dance! :>

Lasica357 says:


Nesto76 says:

many thakns all the way from Dubai … 🙂

Lasica357 says:

buena vista social club candela

ramona balaz says:

What is the name of the song at 4:00? I love it.

zuzahar says:

type “eyo eyo eya eya” for the best latino song 🙂

metsjetsny says:

In your opinion.

98armando98 says:

me imagino que el que subio este video fue alguien joven de algunos 50 anos por las canciones que puso

1BorderPatrol1 says:

these suck compared to other latina songs

5un5hine1 says:

amazing !

santon836 says:

Where can I find this version of Mambo Italiano? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

elcamino007i says:

Magalenha <3

rodcrippler says:

Nesto76 says:

guys name of the song at 6:20 ?????????

AmnayGrwan says:

Thank you dear! I downloaded it 🙂

Juta Visocka says:

13. Marc Anthony – I Need To Know
14. Bah Samba – Portugese Love
15. couldn’r find
16. Paola e Chiara – Vamos a Bailar
17. Buena Vista Social Club – Candela
18. don’t know
19. Kaoma- Bantu
20. Rafaga – Mentirosa
21. Papy Sanchez – Enamorame
22. couldn’t find
23. don’t know
24. Gloria Estefan – Hoy
25. Celia Cruz – La Vida Es Un Carnava

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