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Pumpkin4Trees says:

I think they lost weight since their first performance just by practising so much

Nina Kothari says:

Natalia Filimonova is a great Russian Prostitute-Escort & Belly Dancer that charges good rates per hour I heard. If you want her services you can call when she is in town next. You can find her on Facebook and here on Youtube if you put her name…

iluvyou808 says:

I perfer TAHITIAN dancing wayyy better!!!

prizokolis says:


Joanna Pearson says:

they have u can see it. Slim people have curves too!

offwithriss says:

One of them got curves, the other not so much. Maybe from your landwhale point of view these women are skinny and curveless, its possible to have curves without being fat. Fat people like you got ONE single curve, just like a football. I dont think theese women meant curves as in michelin curves at all, you fat lazy michelin cunt.

karmyn thomas says:

theyre not fat. they have nice stomachs. haha you need bellies for belly dancing peoplee! :))

sonaya rason says:

I have a feeling you are either jelous u cant dance or you are fat

XxCookieMonstaxXRawr says:


manouelafwtic6 says:

are you serious?

Lumiere Maghanoy says:

They’re not sexy though…they’re a good dancers…

rettsgem1 says:

The thing about belly dancing is that it causes a more pronounced curve to the waist and makes the abdomen muscles very hard. I belly danced a long time ago. I was 30 and I’m now 67. I wish I had continued with it. I am not fit now. These girls will be fit for life if they keep on belly dancing. lol

maripozitis says:



Know what real curves are? The 4 rolls of curves on your neck.
Shut the fuck up you idiot.

surabhirodriguez says:

If they were fat then how could they do all that? If you calling them fat you must be fat yourself all these damn haters they aint fat, they fit as hell! I would like to see you try it infront of a million people and see how you feel.

violet wolf says:

…. um… I don’t see fat..

ashley smith says:

Yea those women who you see have no belly fat at all are either so skinny its super bad for them or their fat just doesnt clump up that way but in most people it does.

karla dixon says:


CylkChu says:

Wtf? They’re not curvy.. They’re not too skinny either, just in the middle. And people are actually calling them fat? Are you serious..

baileysababy6 says:

I don’t think they have curves at all. I think they’re fit, but I wouldn’t call them “curvy” or “real” in the sense they mean. You can see their ribs and they’re really thin. They’re beautiful. Don’t get me wrong. I just wouldn’t call them curvy.

IamTh3Bunny says:

I don’t understand people like you, they are literally perfect, any skinnier and it just isn’t healthy.

21pinupgirl says:

Well said!

21pinupgirl says:

How is it possible that no one has mentioned the two guys in the background? Sorry but I busted out laughing when I saw them…..XD

tater tot says:

i wouldn’t call them fat. flabby is a better term 😉

Lucinda Jane says:

I swear belly dancers all have the iconically beautiful hourglass female figure that every woman strives for. For one, I wish I had wider hips – so I’m jealous of their so called “fat”. And to think people wonder where young girls get this ‘thinspiration’ idea from when people say comments like that… tut tut.

sassyson26 says:

They sexy

beau brooks says:

If people are calling them fat I must be obese…

mr13579100 says:

Diddo to you sir

Rebekah Navarro says:

Someone who is truly overweight will have excess fat esp around the torso area. These women have ripped abs, slim arms and legs w/ a lot visible muscle, and they are very trim in the rib area. Whats sad to me is that these women, who obviously in superb shape, could be considered fat by anyone. They are are on the slim side of curvy!

olivier gijsen says:

I love Bellydance! As I hate how much people think in a negative, sensual way of bellydance, and all these women who think they can bellydance, I love it when sometimes there are suddenly women who show us what REAL BELLYDANCE means, and what this difference is between amateur bellydance & professional oriental dance!
Thank you Kaya and Sadie!!! I’m a big fan!


Fantastic wowwww

Merisa Parker says:


Leanna Oon says:

All the boys got a [email protected]@@@

KillinDaWelfareMCs says:

real women with real curves don’t look this good.

Real women with real curves these days are fat slobs.

Mathaius833 says:

no, fuck you

Konoyaro Bakayaro says:

Don’t blame him. He’s got to make up for his small dick somehow, so he does small chicks.

Ясна Ворожея says:

Господи, какая же американка страшная на лицо…. жуть. Лучше бы Sadie одна выступала, она кстати и пластичнее намного. Нафига ей этот американский довесок.

TheLilAmazon says:

How could that person saw they are overweight? What?! I know you didn’t say it but responded but not like I’d get a good response from someone who says this.

Theophilus Wilson says:

And not just the belly!

Nene Smithh says:

Shut Up !

ThePreetymack says:


Mathaius833 says:

well, models are skinny weak fucks, and these girls are slightly overweight. What is really sexy are fit girls with 6 packs.

Mathaius833 says:

gonna be honest bro, you aint getting any better

Alicebay says:

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Andrew Ulrich says:

Lose the 10 pounds of stupid on your shoulders

Then we don’t have to hear you talk.

Kate Sellick says:

Uh, sorry, how on earth are they fat at all.

MsSexyrina says:

they are so hot..

sam totti says:

wow! they’re great! I love how they dance together! <3

Ivy BellyDance says:


rosepetal29 says:

People like you are the reason why teenage girls starve themselves to look like bones.

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