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A tribute for Roy Cooper


djakabigd16 says:

This is my cussin no lie! His grandma (my great grandma) johnnie burgess strange passed at 92 a coupple of weeks ago… Rest her soul:(

dyllan williams says:

Another GREAT JOB. Sonny keep up the fabulous work. Hope things are good for you.

Debbie’s got her red Rockies on.

spidaminshew says:

EXCELLENT song sonny as are many of yours! i consider it a honor to share the stage and play harmonica/harmonies on this and several more songs it was a memorable day for me and many others at the ronnie ferguson cancer benefit! and you my friend are a top knotch person with a big heart . thats why we mixed so well birds of a feather LOL look me up sometime just google -spider minshew im all over the place one of Texas best kept secerts and proud of it.

Jeff Williams says:

Yes, you were looking for the “Rockabilly” Sonny Burgess. I played piano for THIS Sonny for a little over 2 years. He actually met the other Sonny and they hit it off quite well! The true story is that the other Sonny’s “people” wanted to sue this Sonny, until they met and they became friends. This Sonny Burgess is probably one of the nicest people you will EVER meet. He was actually hired to play guitar for George Straight until he had an accident driving to Denver.

Myra Fisher says:

Just came from a memorial service for a young cowboy & his Momma who were both killed by a drunk driver. The family played this song for them…His Momma let him grow up to be cowboy cool.

7pipewelder says:

this is my nephew song

7pipewelder says:

this is my nephews song for sure

guggin buggin says:


Hector Salinas says:

This wasn’t the same Sonny Burgess I was looking for, it’s some modern country hat act singer. Even though I’m not crazy about modern country, this song has some cool lyrics and a nice hook. I give this song 5/5 stars for modern country.

Sherry Ward says:

WTG Sonny Awesome!!!!!

summersdakota says:

fab song, ace video, thank god you guys can KEEP IT COUNTRY. shame theres not more in UK, at least we have you tube xxxx

samanthacooke says:

i love this song

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