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Shakira’s belly dance on Ojos Asi live in Rabat,Morocco(Mawazine festival 2011). In front of more than 200 000 people !


Leh Cavalcante says:

Gente essa mulher no lugar dos ossos tem molas!

Leh Cavalcante says:

sou fã dela!

GreenDeal8 says:

Where is the share button?

sanekni says:

ооо а я тут походу не один русский 🙂

sanekni says:

еехааа она ахуенная!))))))

Nikki Parry-Wulff says:

I think that has something to do with being grounded, you shake better barefoot as you are grounded from the heel wherea when you are wearing high heels you are balanced on your toes 🙂

zavapka says:

что бы не говорили…а биллиданс у Шакиры лучше из многих….сколько смотрела танцуют-у неё просто классно…..

TheRagingflamingo1 says:

i agree with u but it sure is hard not to see it in a sexual way

Hugh Abernathy says:

Of all the “Shakira ass shaking” videos, this is one of the best. I saw it before but had a time finding it again.
BTW, anyone notice she does her best shaking when she’s barefoot?

Sofiyah Farooq says:

she os the most beautiful female on earth seriously♥♥♥

Isabella Gjonzeneli says:

Unless it affects you in such a harmful way, I think you should mind your business and not worry about it. Idiot. 

Danielle SM says:

Ficou mais bonita loira, ficou mais sexy, a cor do cabelo combinou c a cor da pela, gostei.

Chadmon1 says:

She’s so beautiful. :)

jeffdragonst says:

Singing ????? LOL her voice is not good.

kat serenilla says:

i wish i could dance like her !!

dudilishious says:

She Was Pregnant and she just handle it !!!

wbalzer5 says:

Sometimes I wish I could be at Piqués place

YalnizEfe11 says:

sometimes you want to be only just Pique :))

rheinzer2mac says:

Anyone that says this is not meant to be provocative and sexual is either gay or naive. Ever heard of BODY LANGUAGE? EDUCATE YOURSELF! It’s directly linked to the harem’s, a purely sexual body, so hardly a stretch.

Belly dancing is a male or female art, and is great exercise. It’s cool to defend art, but don’t be a twit.

Anass Tq says:

u obviously are not aware that Shakira is actually half arab and she learnt bellydance since a very long time…even before she become as famous as she is now :)

chouchou181963 says:

Not good

delvalle quintero says:


Alex Bollbach says:

Google “neon mansion + shakira”

Haya Al-samarrai says:

2:24 there everything starts

Afekasi Seventynine says:

I like this :)

Lisette Rodriguez says:

I was 4 when ojos asi came out in 1999. 😀

Lisette Rodriguez says:

I grew up listening to Shakira. love her! <3

muscleboy60 says:

under rated? i think you have it the other way around she is one of the few artist who is known world wide

Guitar Dave says:

She is Fantastic and a Very Underrated performer . I respect anyone who, when they travel to some Foreign Place and out of Respect For The Native People of That Land , they learn their Customs or Traditions of that Land . I think she’s Great .

Sotiris Afxentiou says:

very spesialxxxxxxx



Wendy Ballina says:

el minuto 2:24

wbalzer5 says:

There is no woman i love more than shakira 3

apox aley says:

don’t judge peoples by its cover .. u just watching this video ..

Shifang says:


brainsurjonify says:


yo andres says:

simplemente alucinante!!!! simply amazing!!!

Meldizzlebabe says:

i love that she can have that kind of control WHILE SINGING! fuckin talent!

Alex Dumitru says:

very very nice dance

edjane soares says:

para de falar merda da chakira…

missr9224 says:

I love shakira i’m from saudi arbia

imeldaaklee92 says:

dance …very nice

lilmisscharger2 says:

@PinneappleBride Belly dancing does go with celebrating culture look up Tahitian dancing and lots of women in India belly dance. So please know what the hell you are talking about before you get brave and practically bash someone’s culture. Thank you. 🙂

ULoveMySugaLumps says:

Very true!

PineappleBride says:

-_- the point of mentioning that dance is, it is not a cultural dance that has roots long ago in history. It’s a dance, that involves moving your hips in a way that yeah looks pretty hard and cool but it’s more of a thing to do at a club or to impress a guy, than as a thing you do as a way to celebrate a culture or heritage.

USA4CCCP3 says:

Click 18 or 20 minutes into her Shakira Live Full Concert-Rock in Rio video here on Youtube. You might learn something, doubters…

Max Pén says:

i wonder how you see that ass ?

USA4CCCP3 says:

I think I recognize that logo 🙂 Good point though — Haram interpretation indeed.

USA4CCCP3 says:

Great talent, great video. Her dad is of Lebanese descent — ignorant comments here have no knowledge or appreciation of this dance’s basis and tradition.

Get a clue and take them somewhere else. Go criticiize Texas line dancing or something…

ULoveMySugaLumps says:

Yeah but I bet you sit there and watch those “twerking” videos… those girls can move their hips like nothing ive seen before..

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