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Sexy Latina Dancing to Reggaeton


Razzfazz87 says:


al M says:

there is just something sexy about this chick cant find many videos of her

ywe3 says:


Ziad Hariri says:

so hot

milton5546 says:

scandalous - don omar

dankensmith says:

three thumbs up if you know what i mean

Emyrap Ema says:

what is the title of this song please ?

coeur tatoué says:

Amazing *-*

Giovanni Marley says:

The only time I have ever Cummed to a youtube video..

tim bentley says:


KGMC143 says:

U could easily tell that shes a ” EXCELLENT FUCK “…..

AwesomeMagnet says:

Its good entertainment 1mag1king

breezy785 says:

i think he jizzed to

MrBrassMonkey12 says:

tryna twerk?

TheAngelfdeath says:

so upload a video of yourself smd

TheAngelfdeath says:

so upload a video of yourself sm

crackerjacker31245 says:



littlemizzQT says:

lol?? LOL. she made this vid 3 years ago, her youtube name is bettyca007. she isn’t 13. she’s like 20 years old now

gabals12345 says:


kapatil1 says:

you the typa girl you dont see unless your real there shit

motorcross4evr says:

&& She Is Like 13 …. Its A Shamee

TheMambavenom says:

Ting Tong

ilovemycatoreo says:

maybe show a vid and we will think so XD

jerryjoebobjrjr says:

think about grinding herr ohh yaa baby!
shes got hips and ass and bobies she is perfect

Brandon P says:

real ting, look at those moves, damn !

nils jönsson says:

hammer braut, bin ganz rollig drauf

metacrow says:

claro que no no seas pendejo como crees que es por eso

keyboardphone666 says:

fuck u asns learn how to open ur damn eyes

unpulumpa1 says:

Note to self, if i have a daughter, don’t buy her a webcam

hdrrtyk says:

im hotter

JadielMcdowell says:

I love fieryvid (d0t} com best free site on the net – Loads of sexy girls all free to join

DavePazz says:

the chinese symbol in the right upper corner didnt convince me, was her asian face that did.

roguedemon123 says:

lol look in the right corner..

Cesar Mikko Bathan says:

Shes making me horny!

Dueri7 says:

she is cuban and lives in belgrium or something like that

jcfrz says:

Thats cause us Latinos have asian in us from the natives that came from asia

DavePazz says:

she’s so asian

DavePazz says:

Spanish? This is not a dance from Spain u moron… try to learn some basic facts before you embarress yourself any more.

John Malet says:

spanish u fukin azzhole

ytertyu says:

what else you people expected ?? dog-eaters are everywhere now ., btw , watch your pets when chinos/gooks around

DavePazz says:

shes totally asian

Bostonsx93179 says:

mmmmm id let her gind on me any day

4Shawtys says:

whats the sonq called ?

37Richieb says:

this Girl is bad as fuck id love to see her in SO You Think You Can Dance she prob win it all because she look so moble that im sure she would be able to do all the different dance styles if she dosnt do it then thats a real crime …..

carmendtorres says:

u get use to it that use to happen to me now im a pretty good reggaeton dancer

cutiiebabeej says:

wel i enjoid it but i preffer HotBangz . com for this kind of stuff

thesloc Loc says:

What song is this?

kiluanostrade says:

original is 3:53,this just repeat…

eqcalamena says:

omg i can only do that for 1 min n hurts after D: hwo ud o it for that llong ;l

boggy32 says:

damn shes so hot, i wonder if her videos are ontru Tinyurl[dot]com/msgycw

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