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you can keep ya halle berry or your angelina jolie this girl s*%ts on them all


coraliempippinu says:

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tappanoazucenau says:

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carolesthakkarv says:

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henry ward says:


Matt Thompson says:

You find some great videos! 🙂

Jessica Sherman says:

Mmm i love the way she moves, So sexy

dalmata sandoval says:

dejen la tonteria y suban mas videos de esta chica lo hace super coooll…ok

olympiabblaschkem says:

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oakley187 says:


aye aye aye whassup shawty im tryna get to know yo sexy ass u look like wifey material mmmmm so sexy im tryna get to know u my peoples wit dipset n shit i could take u out there one day and meet dem nigga but anyway it aint bout dem its bout me get at me im tryna meet yo sexy ass u ever coming over to america? if so u need to meet up with me whats your im mama? and hit me up at mrgreenlac95 thats my im for yahoo

Smokeydabear415 says:

an yet you respond? lol its okay, truth hurts that your world is small huh kid? lmao

Smokeydabear415 says:

lol its okay kid, reality that your world is small hurts huh? lmao off hahaha

oakley187 says:

not gonna respond to a punk ass thirsty idiot who poses half naked on you tube!!!

Smokeydabear415 says:

wel i love hispanic girls an always will but….have you seen asian pornstars? chea they are better then her, but then again you can top them with brazilian pornstarts, you gotta get out more dude, their are gorgeous asian women out there who woud top alot of hispanic women out there

Marcus Hart says:

you actually are cute

lilplaya1824 says:

mm, mami knows how to work them hips real well.

Chris Frias says:


alagy says:

1- Queen Elizabeth can dance better than her,
2- am not insulting .. its my opinion and i have all the rights to get it out there
3- that chair is hotter than she is .!

AFlyinPNess says:

huh i never said you didnt like latins but you full act like ur the shit and i was saying ur not u are annoying you made up 10 reaons to insult some girl who is 10 times hotter than any girl u could get 🙂

alagy says:

get a life .. i like Latins .. but not this one
cause she is UGLY

AFlyinPNess says:

@ericbofcarsonc im scared i can see why u lookin for a girl not that big of a turn on hey baby can i lock in my basement and rent you out to my mates im goin to have a nightmare you creep 🙁

AFlyinPNess says:

buddy get over urself u dot know any girls its why u looked this up and how did i get from resident vil 5 to this anyway not to dissapointed that i found it 😉 ily latin girl

ericbofcarsonc says:

she would look good picking fruit during the day and living in my basement at night.. she would hacve to suck and fuck to get out of the house every day and bring me her wages.. id rent her out to my friends too…

Eugenio Lino Rey Contreras says:

Ptis qui pariu qui boa

awsomebuilder says:

hot and sexy

siwy133PRO says:

korci jebana korci

Abdulrahman al-mathkor says:

a sexy dance to keep the blood pumping and a kiss at every video. how better can this get ^_^

danny11delgado says:

lo ke si se sabe es ke esta muy buena la nena

alagy says:

WTF ..!!
she just can’t fucking dance and she is ugly on my standards … in Bahrain we’ve got the biggest american base here .. ask any american guy who works in Bahrain or any guy who is not Bahraini/Arab and he’ve been to arab countries he would say that arabs are much hotter and can dance better than ur bitches

dickhead .. fuck-face

Senaida Soto says:

dont be freking talking about puter rican cuz you you just jealous putericans can dance and i puterican so bye bitch and retared motherfucker

reggaetonerogriego says:

Mi amor me encantaría que te pongas romantita…y que me pidas más más más!!!
lo quieres, lo sé!!! me pusiste a escuchar wisin y yandel de nuevo hija mía!!!! 😉
con mucho amor desde Grecia, siga el buen trabajo, queremos más videos!!!

YOu idiots how can she be arab if she dances to puerto-rican reggaetón?!! =D

jose manuel perdomo quintanilla says:


alagy says:

they shave more than European girls do ..!!
how many times have u been to an arabic country ?

ronitalkali says:

uff ke rika….ke no te hago

FellTheFire says:

you are very nice lady

loop59z says:

dont care wat others are saying ,you to me are my number one ,would defanatly like to meet you one day – cheeck all ma other posts i DONT talk lkike this to any other

frivazlander says:



diliegr0 says:

i think your beautiful (; keep it up.

alagy says:

do u mean 9 inch ??
cause we arabs r really good in maths

am confused which one to show u,, because almost 99.9% are better than this girl ..!!
just copy & paste following in youtube
رقص خليجي

those chix r the ones who live in the Persian/Arab Gulf

oakley187 says:

u have to be asian
u wont be able to satisfy here anyway 2 inch pecker and all
show me 1 asian girl thats better?

tina3038 says:

and your an idiot Lover puto !

ThYckUmZ18 says:

bad mami

stangGTKKK187 says:


herz welt says:

lastiima q seas negra 🙁

mskaury123 says:

lol what the fuck

boss10251025 says:

a waste are you stupid she’s fucken hot

boss10251025 says:

a waste are you stupid she’s fucking hot

chris60810 says:


badboyjmm says:

the chair grew eyes so he can watch

gjohny69 says:

Fuckin thank you

GhettoBootyTube says:

Cause he likes dick

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