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The very sexy art of latin dance,with a little mix of reggae and danchall.

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dan cas says:

wow elastic body!

nekosugar2rune says:

I like how u have the same profile pic as I do

Earl Dakins says:

shes dance likie a spring chicken

Lucila122Magwood says:

damn i love how those jeans fit on you

vedaqbrochum says:

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nikki rainwater says:


nikki rainwater says:


knowltonfkevac says:

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mack11223 says:

sorry that just looked f stupid

scottoqclaudee says:

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fastboyRD says:

She have to be Colombian O_0

TheXtacular says:

Someone told this girl that she can dance and now she’s stupid enough to believe it that she posts vidoes of herself acting like a fool.

wwwFANLOGnet says:


MrSelf69 says:

you aint got much but you can dance, my brother can use you doing what you do in his video get at me asap

Mohammad Ali says:


the real webcam hacker…either copy and paste the above or go to my channel and thank it when it works

vaughnbrogdon says:

Kaf Malbar is one of the best entertainers ever he is popular everywhere acept the US !!!!!!!!!!!!

vaughnbrogdon says:

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ray72558 says:

it would have bin sexyer if just slow it down a lil but mami do ur thing chula

rafyraf100 says:


ni974 says:

Ils veulent ma peau – Kaf Malbar

ronnie urbanski says:

Dame imagein be shrunk and you glued to that ass you be a luck ass mother fucker

sternensehnsucht says:

das bezeichne ich als “Feuer im Hintern”….Respekt

atollado says:

Verga al 100 por ese culo mami.

koq974 says:

kaf malbar – ils veulent ma peau !!!!

wwwtonycom says:

You can’t Dance. But your still hot.

PoconoPits2008 says:

very sexy but um… wtf was that??? 

SyncMaster651 says:

like ;))))

R1MusicX says:

name of the song?

kujtimzeshkanii says:

crazy i like you

thearmoredlion says:

she may be latina but thats not a latin dance, thats dancehall but she is good at it!

kissmysnakesazz says:

IT would be ten times better if you do it in bikini

girltoy4you says:

young lady you would be a sick roott 🙂 ?

koq974 says:

Is not a Sexy latin dance –‘ but a Dancehall reunion island !!!!

koq974 says:

Reunion island !!!

doctordoctr says:

You latin girls sure know how to dance

oarye says:

De la Réunion

mata210uk says:

where she from?

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